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Are you planning a conference and feeling lost before you’ve even started? If organising isn’t one of your strengths, then you’ll need to check out our smart guide to conference planning that wins every time.

Let us talk you through everything from scheduling to invites in this short but effective guide.

Find Your People

It would be easy to work with your friends and colleagues you find fun and easy going but you need quality workers with you. Gather your team and set out the proposal as you see it. Assign roles and get those initial tasks assigned as soon as possible.

Get Tech

The last thing you need is everyone working on the same thing, in the dark, with no real clue what anyone else is doing so get completely up to date with a rocking event management system.

This is software that keeps everyone on track and helps you, as the manager, oversee the whole thing and tick off tasks as you go.


Have your team contact all your must-haves, or first tier, conference attendees and offer them three potential dates. Get the info back as soon as you can and narrow it down to two possibilities. Then you’ll be in a good position to source your conference facility. Go somewhere you know has a great reputation or somewhere that you have used before so you know you’re getting good value for money.

Once the conference is booked you’ll be able to send out all your invitations, including all the invitees who didn’t make it into the first tier.


This is when the clock starts ticking and you, along with your team, need to get into the finer details. Take a look at what tech you’ll need to get started. This will probably include microphones, projectors and so on. You’ll also need to make sure that the wifi signal at the facility is strong and easily accessible for all your delegates.

Next, equally as important, are refreshments. Your delegates will need regular access to coffee, pastries and sandwiches to keep them going, so make sure you book sufficiently in advance with a caterer or use the conference facility’s on-site team. Remember to check on your list of delegates if there are any special dietary requirements.

On the day itself run through a checklist with your team and assign roles, ranging from welcoming delegates to overseeing the catering and being on hand for tech support. Make sure everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing. Distribute a list of mobile phone numbers so the answer to a question is only a call or text away, rather than chasing someone around the building.

You’re all set for a seamless conference thanks to your smart tech, smart planning and superb organisational skills. You’ll no doubt be called upon to organise many more conferences to come so make a note of your great team members and haul them back in when conference season comes round again.