World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Customers know what they want. When they choose to order a product online, they have high expectations both for the product and for the delivery process. Unfortunately, while most companies put a great deal of effort in building high-quality products, they can fail to give the same attention to delivery operations. When too many customers complain about poor delivery standards, you can’t afford to ignore their voices any longer. You need to think outside the (delivery) box to meet their expectations!

Give people the choice

Online shoppers are used to the Amazon approach that can provide a variety of delivery options, from same-day to a more distant date depending on membership and location. While most customers don’t expect any other business to offer same-day delivery, they still want to have a choice when it comes to their delivery date. Indeed, more often than not, shoppers abandoned their baskets when they find out that the order can’t be delivered on time. To encourage conversions, e-Commerce marketers suggest clarifying delivery options before purchase and offering a range of advantages, from date to pick up points. Admittedly, the service needs to reflect the choices of the customers; in other words, there’s no point offering next-day delivery if you can’t stick to it!

Make sure you can meet their expectations

Another great way of ensuring that you can match expectations is to switch from your courier provider to a dedicated fleet management services company that lets you keep your delivery process at hand. With a team of drivers, you are more likely to control every aspect of the delivery, as well as keep customers in the loop. When you manage the entire process, you can ensure that delivery vans are adequately loaded, that driving routes are effectively designed, and finally that your fleet is reliable.

Maximize tracking solutions

Where is my parcel? This is a popular question, especially for customers who are stuck indoors, waiting for the delivery man. Some courier companies can provide a narrow time slot, from an AM-PM basis to an hourly breakdown. Others only track specific points of the delivery process, leaving customers in the dark. If you are offering a delivery service, you need to give customers a detailed insight into their parcel journey. A real-time map that updates with the parcel location can let people watch the dot on the screen and reduce frustration.

Who likes plastics?

The dangers of plastic for the environment have been exposed more than enough for your company to know that customers expect green solutions. Parcels can be packed in recyclable cardboard boxes, that not only keep the products safe but are also completely eco-friendly. Additionally, boxes that are custom-made can minimize waste, meaning you can deliver more with one truck!

Going the extra mile with returns

What happens to returns? When an item is returned, retailers can’t put it back on sale as new, even if it hasn’t been opened. With 30% of online purchases returned, it can be tricky to manage the losses. However, you can offer return pallets, just like Amazon. Indeed, Amazon makes a profit margin by selling pallets packed with returned merchandise. As a company, it’s a no-brainer!

Don’t give delivery moaners a chance to complain. By improving your delivery process, from choosing the best options to offering to sell returns, you can keep your customers satisfied all the way through!