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Running a website is essential for your business in the modern day, but it’s not always apparent how this should be conducted. Thankfully, it’s likely much easier than you may have initially considered to open, develop and ultimately maintain one. However, it might take a little memorization in order to make the most informed decisions possible. Here are some tips to consider when using the parameters to develop your entire offering:




First, you need to understand why you’re running a business at all, and what your main goal is. To run one simply because other businesses do is not enough. Are you hoping to reach a larger audience? How about finding methods to gain feedback from clients? How about potentially opening up a catalog of your inventory that new customers can check before they come into your store and ask for an item? Are you hoping to foster a community, making your brand the de facto resource for new hobbyists interested in a certain pursuit to learn the craft and intricacies of this?


It’s likely that you’ll try to incorporate all of these matters, except without a clear direction you may focus on them all with average execution, when you could focus on one or two directions and perform those with excellence. From there you can take your competence and push it through new avenues, helping your online presence shine. But first, it takes an understanding of your brand and customers to make the correct choices from the offset.




The utilities you offer on the website will contribute in large part to the overall experience of the web user in a positive ways. Implementing this can be much easier than you had initially considered. For example, you may decide to allow for social media integration – easy to set up with a little education about using API widgets on your pages. You may decide to open customer accounts and tracked order information to allow customers to predict when they can expect a delivery, or how far along their custom order is through the manufacturing process. Positive utilities mean everything for the user experience, and so be sure to apply those that matter. But don’t worry about quantity over quality. A website that does three things incredibly well is better than a website that offers everything with poor optimization. Your personal situation will help you decide which matters to prioritize.




The uptime of your website is non-negotiable. You may decide to bring it down for maintenance once a week or perhaps less frequently, but you should choose a web host provider that can offer you long term uptime. Good services offer you the chance to inspect this closely, such as researching recent uptime at InMotion Hosting. With all the work and consideration you are sure to place in your website, it’s often very important to ensure the resource is up when you need it.