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When you run a small business, it is hard enough to keep it on track without dealing with legal troubles at the same time. So, if there are any steps which you can make to keep your business out of legal hot water, it is certainly worth taking them, right? Obviously, the threats can come from a wide range of different areas, but there it makes sense to protect yourself in any way that you can.


If you do happen to find yourself in any trouble, it helps to have the number of a decent corporate lawyer to hand. But here are just some of the ways that you can help to prevent any problems from materialising in the first place.


Get a Better Understanding of Labour Laws


Many legal issues can come from employees, and you need to make sure that you are fully compliant with the law when it comes to minimum wage, holiday pay, breaks etc. As well as this, you need to ensure that your hiring and firing policies are completely up to scratch. It is important that you draw up a contract which is watertight and highlights your own responsibilities, as well as what is expected of each and every one of your employees. You don’t want your business to suffer from any lawsuits which were easily avoidable in some way.


Put Details Down in Writing


When you put things down in writing, you are quite literally ensuring that everyone is on the same page. All of your important transactions need to be documented in a way which is clear and obvious. It is very easy for miscommunication to happen when you are making verbal deals, and you are asking for trouble unless you put everything down in a way in which there can be no disagreements. Just like the employment contract that we mentioned earlier on, you may also want to have some other standardised templates which you return to when you need them.


Focus on Good Bookkeeping


A good accounts team can help to make sure that you keep ahead of your multiple tax responsibilities, as well as saving you money in ways which are above board. A small business can easily be crippled if they are hit with a huge tax bill out of the blue, so you want to make sure that you do everything possible to avoid this. Doing the accounts yourself can present a major challenge unless you are clear that you know exactly what you are doing. Either hiring an accounts professional or outsourcing this service is usually a sensible course of action to take.


Take Out the Right Kind of Insurance


Having insurance is a must for a small business – but you also need to ensure that it is the correct type of insurance. All types of companies are at risk of getting sued for all manner of reasons – even if you are especially careful. Insurance is there as your safety net, keeping your company protected from any serious danger which could end up being terminal. So, whenever you are going to take out an insurance policy, make sure that you read the small print so that you know exactly what you are getting and which eventualities you will be covered for.


Double Check What You Are Putting Out


Whenever you are putting anything out into the public domain, you should double check it to ensure that you won’t get into any trouble. In an age of instant outrage on social media, you can easily find that your company gets smeared with a bad reputation for something which seemed initially small and insignificant. So, you need to ensure that all of your employees are aware and sure of your different policies. They also need to be careful of any personal social media accounts from which they could potentially impact your company image. You also need to watch out for any intellectual property issues. All of your ideas need to be 100 per cent original and free from any accusations of plagiarism.


Protecting your business from legal troubles is a primary responsibility of any business owner – and these are just some of the ways that you can ensure that you do this job properly. Even if you take all of the proper precautions, there is still a chance that your business could get into trouble, but you are much better off reducing these risks wherever possible.