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If you enjoy driving, it’s possible that a career in driving could be what you need. There are lots of different jobs out there that are spent largely behind a wheel. Here are five of those jobs…

Taxi driver

Becoming a taxi driver could be a worthy career choice if you’re looking for something with a bit of variety. Taxi drivers are always travelling different routes and meeting new types of people. Being a people person can be a benefit – having conversations with your passengers can often lead to tips. You will need to have patience when dealing with drunken passengers late at night or customers that are running late during morning rush hour, however you can always choose to not work during these times if you choose to work for yourself (the other option is to work for a taxi firm – which may guarantee you more clients, but may require you to work set hours). A taxi test is often needed to become a taxi driver and this can vary by location.  

Bus driver

Bus drivers work in the public transport sector and tend to work for local councils driving set routes. If you like routine and comfort, but also enjoy the variety of working with people, you’re likely to enjoy this role. There are other niche roles such as school bus drivers as well as coach work which may require driving longer distances. You’ll similarly need to pass a specialist bus/coach driver test to work in this trade.

Lorry driver

A career as a lorry driver could be another option. Lorry drivers tend to deal with longer distance driving. Whilst you’ll still get to talk to people, much of the job is spent alone which can make it a more peaceful job for those that don’t want the stress of passengers. There are lots of different types of lorry driving roles – when looking for the right company for you, you should read employee reviews such as these CRST reviews. You’ll need to pass a lorry driving test to get into this career.


Work as a chauffeur can offer a little more glitz and glam – it involves driving for private customers who may employ you on a permanent contract or temporary hire basis, depending on which route you prefer. Permanent contract chauffeurs tend to drive for rich and famous clients. Temporary hire chauffeurs meanwhile may drive for events such as weddings or birthday parties (limousine chauffeurs tend to deal with the latter). You can find chauffeur work through companies like Chauffeur Solutions or you can go private and find your own clients. No extra qualifications beyond having a regular driving license are needed to become a chauffeur, although it helps to have a clean driving history.

Driving instructor

Arguably the most social and rewarding driving job is working as a driving instructor. This job involves teaching people to drive so that they can pass their test and gain their license. You’ll need to take a special instructor test to show that you are a good enough driver to teach, but beyond this no qualifications are needed. Becoming an instructor does require a lot of patience and good communication skills. Many instructors work for themselves although there are driving instructor companies that you can drive for.