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Working from home has a lot of advantages over the traditional office locations. For a start, you work for yourself and thus you take on jobs that only you would like you. Normal working hours need not apply to your schedule as you set your own working time throughout the day and also the night. However there are some disadvantages or so it may seem. The foundations of your business are set up for you. When working from an office you might have better access to skilled people and their ability to create things for you from the ground up. It seems like you have a much bigger chance of meeting people that could help you and share your name around town. On the face of it, making contacts also seems like a breeze because you’re outdoors and mixing it with all types of businesses and people. That’s what it seems like. However, when creating your business website you’re not really in a lagging position. In fact you’re in a level pegging position with every other business out there. The only question is, what should be your basis?

The ready-made soup

As you have probably already seen around the web, there are certain websites that specialize in providing a platform for individuals to create their own website. Wix is perhaps the number one provider for a modern, contemporary website solution. Everything you will need is already-made. It’s a collection of templates, comment sections, backgrounds, schemes, color palettes, headers, text boxes, images, photographs, icons, logos, characters and much more. It’s already there for you. But much like a soup, it can either work really well or it can have too much going on for it’s own good.

Squarespace is another good ready-made business website platform. It rivals Wix quite well and some say is superior due to the inherent professional look that it aims for. Wix is good for many things but Squarespace has created a platform for business owners specifically. The biggest advantage to using this kind of website is that you already have all the templates and other things you need to build your website. However you are being hosted and using the tools of another company, therefore you don’t have total autonomy. Customization is out of the window and you’ll largely have to fiddle around with the various designs and styles in an effort to remain unique.

Start from the ground up

Building your own website is a mammoth task, but all the rewards you stand to gain far outweigh the negatives. For example, if you hire your own programmers they can customize your website in every single way you can possibly imagine. Consider how to find the PHP programmers you need by reading Finding such professionals isn’t that difficult, as you have both onshore and offshore pools to choose from. Offshore sourcing has a number of advantages though because the costs go way down. Also, if you are in a very attractive nation such as advanced Western nations then the talent pool is sometimes too small and very competitive. Choosing an offshore team or individual to build your website can often mean you have a choice of very talented professionals that aren’t going to be snapped up immediately by corporate giants and other businesses.

The timezone is also a factor as if you hire someone in South Africa or Japan, they could work through your night and in the morning, you can check over their progress. This allows you not to have to stay up late and fit everything they fit they have worked on for into your normal day. Consequently you can have more time to do what you need to do for your business other than your website. Because the code writing is done to the exact needs of your entire design, there’s a lot less waste. Your pages will load quicker and smoother because of this and help your website be understood better by various search engines. Perhaps the best thing about hiring a PHP programmer is your unique art style can come to life through their coding. Very little compromise needs to be made in order to get your desired look whereas already made websites will lock you into only using their styles.

Running a business from home is incredibly exciting. There are now more options than ever to build your own website from the ground up. Even if this is not something you want, there are tones of cost-effective options on the market. For a totally unique website you will need to hire someone with the expertise in coding.