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How long does it take for a customer to pass an order online?

If they’re using the Amazon app, marketers claim that most users can order in less than a minute. If they’ve stumbled across a new website they need to get to know before they can order confidently, it can take a few days to come to a decision. So, an online order isn’t as instantaneous as the digital sector might lead you to think. In fact, for the purchase of substantial products or services, such as someone booking their next vacations online, the decision can understandably span across several weeks if not months. After all, it takes time to compare, research, save and finally pay! And as online users are getting savvier, they naturally want to make sure that they’re choosing the cheapest, best value, or even best-performing item – depending on their buyer’s expectations. But what happens after the click that finalizes the purchase?

Companies need to react quickly, regardless of how long the customer has required to take a decision.



The order is processed

First of all, the immediate answer needs to focus on the logistics side of things. Once the order is passed, it has to be prepared, fulfilled and dispatched as quickly and effectively as possible. If your business partners with an e-Commerce giant such as Amazon, you have probably heard of same-day delivery options, for available products ordered early enough during the day. But other shops need to find an effective order fulfillment solution that can provide the same quality of service than Amazon. Fulfilltopia is a trusted partner for many large and small businesses. Especially valued for its quick turn around of orders and its real-time inventory – no risk of customers accidentally ordering articles that are not available – this organization lets you run your online retail shop smoothly.


The customers’ data are analyzed

As the order is processed, the marketing team gets ready to analyze the data. Indeed, each customer has a way of interacting with your brand that provides valuable information for improvement and growth. Collecting data needs to be purposeful and provide hints to optimize your online conversions. As a result, on a weekly and monthly basis, the marketing team review the relevant user data to define the best and worst performing web events and pages. Admittedly, this exercise is challenging as data inconsistencies are common – as a result to companies using multiple tools at the same time. Additionally, it can be difficult to define the most effective course of action when addressing data trends.  



The team reviews the performance

It’s the role of an entrepreneur to validate staff performance at the end of a transaction period – often a months or a sales season. Showing employees that they are appreciated serves a double purpose. Firstly, it highlights positive actions – such as data-driven strategies or innovative problem-solving skills – but it also serves the overall business morale. A thank-you or a sweet treat at the end of a hectic period keeps people satisfied and ensures that the next time a customer clicks, there will be an equally valid response.


After each click, there’s a logistic process, a strategic data analysis, and a team debriefing happening. And, once improvements are in place, the whole loop can start again with the next click. Who thought there was an entire world buzzing behind each of your clicks?