World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


A business takes on the personality of its creator. Considering you’re here reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you’re an introvert. There is nothing wrong with this character trait, but it can make creating a successful brand very difficult. Think about marketing for a moment. How are you going to spread the word without being loud and confident? The whole point of advertising is to be extroverted and put the company out there.


You’ll be glad to hear that this doesn’t mean that you have to turn into an arrogant monster. The trick is to understand the business’s personality and maximize results. With that in mind, below are subtle yet powerful tricks of the trade.


Be Yourself On Social Media


Twitter, Facebook et al. are awesome platforms for advertising. At least, they are if you know how to use them correctly. Spreading corporate jargon online isn’t going to work. Social media is casual and informal, so the interactions have to follow this pattern too. Thankfully, it’s not hard to be yourself when there is an internet connection. Some people think this is the bane of the internet, but it’s a massive plus for you because everything you put out is positive. Never be afraid to post and share funny, engaging articles and videos, as well as having “banter” with customers and rival companies.



Use Promotional Stationery


A pen with a message on the side seems insignificant. Nowadays, there is SEO, PPC and a whole range of other digital tactics at a business’s disposal. Plus, major offline techniques appear more appealing. The reality is that some pens with your logo and brand name down the side are incredibly productive. Why? It’s because they work the customer’s subconscious and aren’t in their face. The marketing message takes on an insidious feel and creeps into their head. Also, don’t forget that they are portable so are always around.


Exploit Imagery


Reading a script is long and boring and people get lost halfway through. It’s one reason social media has become huge. But, it isn’t only down to the 144-word restriction; images play a part too. Research suggests that a caption on a photo is easier to read than a piece of text even if they are the same length. Images are engaging and interactive, and that makes them a subtle alternative for introvert brands. Use them as a “caption competition,” for example, to get the audience involved.


Jump On The Bandwagon


There are numerous causes and you should connect with one that you like. This is effective for a variety of reasons but let’s focus on two. The first thing to note is that there are bound to be followers and customers who also feel strongly about a topic. Once they see that your business has aligned itself with the cause, they will relate more. Secondly, it isn’t an obvious marketing ploy. You’re simply helping out and raising awareness and that makes it natural and genuine.


Can you find the balance between being an introvert and spreading the good word?