World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If you are a freelancer, it might never have occurred to you that one day you might be running a small enterprise. Or maybe you have no desire to hire new people at all but could do with the help on occasion.

When you get really busy as a freelancer, it can be tempting to keep accepting work when maybe you don’t actually have the time to complete it. Because – bills. But you will be doing you and your client a disservice here.

There is only so much one person tackle, and often the idea of freelancers or staff can feel fairly intimidating and challenging. However, people are your greatest asset. Discover, acquire, and retain top talent. The right help can change your whole working life.

How To Know

There are a few key indicators that it is time to get in some extra hands. If you have had more work than you can comfortably handle for some time, it is worth thinking about what parts of those projects you can hire out. It might be that there a few tasks that you really don’t like, or they take you much longer than you’d like and it is eating into the time you have to work on client work.

The chances are there will be someone out there who would love to take those tasks off your hands.

If you are getting more requests for a service that is related to yours but that you don’t currently offer, it is worth exploring the possibilities of expanding to include those things. We can spend a lot of time in the weeds of the project rather than being able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Having extra hands and eyes makes it much easier to do that.

Here are a few places that many freelancers choose to hire out to someone else:

  • Design work – you might like an ad-hoc designer or someone that you have on board full time if a lot of your projects require design work
  • Copywriting – having a writer that you trust to craft intelligent and interesting copy can speed up most processes. Clients will on occasion provide the text, but you can use this as a guide and get a professional in
  • VA – if you struggle with getting organized, then a virtual assistant might the thing that kicks your calendar into shape.
  • Accountant – Even if you are a whizz with numbers the chances are you aren’t 100% confident in the exact areas that you can claim tax back or reductions.
  • Sales – no everyone is a born salesman, if you have a physical product, when you head out to trade shows, have a person on hand to help you make the most of that time.


You have to make sure that the person you hire is traveling along the same ethos as you. While they should be a great sounding board for new ideas and talking through things like marketing and social media, the general direction of your company should be something that they support. That way you aren’t likely to feel like you made a lousy hire later down the line.


If you are hiring anyone, it should be with the understanding that you need to make a profit from their work. So when you are working out how much to pay them, you should make sure a decent % on top of their pay packet is your business profit.

The idea is of course that by hiring them, you are able to complete more work at a faster pace. There is no point to this if you aren’t going to be making a profit.

Using the right recruiter or website, you can find the right person that fits your business, and you get along with personally too.