World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If there’s one golden rule that has sufficed the world of business and trade more than any other, it’s communication is king. As small business owners, we get out of bed in the morning with a grin in our hearts, and we know we’re doing something we love. In the end, our happiness is fuelled by our success. You need a wide range of consumers to take an interest in your company as commit to buying something. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling service and or products you have to be able to know what consumers want. It’s rock and a hard place moment when you realize you may have to alter your core vision into something that could be more accessible to the majority of consumers. But how can all this be possible, to begin with, if you don’t hear back from people you’re doing business with? If success in business is the dream, communication is the currency we buy it with. Having multiple modern ways for consumers to contact you will drive up your sales.



The basics


If you don’t already you must make a brand new email address for your business. Do not stick to your own personal email as this looks highly unprofessional to some. Customers wanting to file a complaint are more likely to blame you personally if they can speak to you with knowledge of your name. They can even go online and search for your social media accounts and tag them into whatever rant they’re going to type out. Next, you should also should display the physical address of your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a commercial office, a house, even if it’s an apartment building. However, this shouldn’t apply if you operate a home business; keeping safety in mind. A phone number that is specifically for business purposes only is the last piece of information should divulge.


Merge with the modern


For those of us who are of the slightly older generation, getting to grips with new ways of doing things is difficult in its own right. But looking over the landscape of the group that is more prevalent in modern consumerism you’ll find millennials are doing things their way. It’s up to businesses now to adapt to how they’re communicating with one another. They’re the future of the immediate consumerism shifts, and thus you must pay attention to them. Millennials love to text rather than call or write emails. Therefore even if you use a landline for your business, it too must be ready for their enquiries. Get your landline ready to take texting for business whereby text messages can be sent to that number. Opened and read just like on any other smartphone you can then reply back to the questions you’re being asked. This is great for when you don’t want to complicate things by getting a mobile number just for text messages while also keeping a commercial landline open.


Small businesses may be tiny in comparison to multinational corporations. However, where you’re small in physical size, you can make up for in modern ingenuity. By opening up as many lines of communication as possible, consumers feel as if you’re only a stone’s throw away from listening to their concerns.