World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Anyone that has introverted leanings can have concerns about how they are perceived. And while it’s easy to say that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think about you, you will go ahead and do it anyway! The same applies in business; we can have concerns about if we are treading in the right direction or we do what we can to hold up against the other competitive businesses out there. It’s an intimidating situation to be in. But when it comes to your business and how it’s perceived, is there anything that we can do to maximize how our business is perceived, in the most positive of ways?

Being Organized

It’s simple, but it’s the one true way of ensuring you have control over every aspect. Once something runs away from you, it’s free to be devoured by the general public. But when you are operating with this approach, it can eat away at your confidence in the business. If you don’t have any control over your business, you will never have any control. Being organized is simple; all you have to do is plan your schedule and stick rigidly to it. But of course, there will be things that we are unable to put off, and this is part of what running a business is all about. There will be PR problems, someone will make a mistake, and these things will require fixing right away. But with everything else that you do have control over, make sure you plan it to a T.

Swim In The Right Circles

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. To ensure that we are maximizing how we are perceived we’ve got to sit with the kids at the big table. It’s a little thing, but by rubbing shoulders with those that have a good reputation is an easy way to project that image further outwards. There are always resources that can help us should we struggle with certain aspects. The best reputation management companies 2018 list can help when we do make these individual mistakes, like on social media. But when we begin to expand our network further, not only does this teach us about what else is out there, but by rubbing shoulders with these other businesses, this can only help to make good publicity. The same applies if you liaise with companies that have a bad reputation, you will be perceived as a bad egg!

And, if you want to be the business that all the others look up to, you have to be an expert in that field. Becoming an influencer is an obvious approach. It’s all about carving a niche for yourself, and as you are perceived as an expert in your field, this naturally creates a positive perception. Let’s make no bones about it, it takes time to generate this. You can work at improving your perception by actively advertising yourself, but you need to ensure that your perception is good from the inside out. Because, if the people that work for you don’t have a good impression of you, how can you stand to improve how everyone on the outside sees you?