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Working as a freelancer is very different from working for a company or for someone else. Whereas before, you had someone else to take care of accounts, payroll, etc. on your behalf – now it’s up to you to manage it all. Many people dislike this element of being freelance, but luckily there are tools to help you make it as pain-free as possible. Get a handle on your business with these top tools for freelancers.

Project management applications

It can be difficult to stay motivated and productive once you leave the office environment. As a freelancer, it’s up to you to set deadlines and stick to them. With several clients to manage at once, it’s not always easy to stay on task. Luckily for you, there are some great project management apps available that can help you to keep up to date and manage your workload with ease. Most apps are free and are mobile compatible to help you work from anywhere.

Invoicing tools

The money management element of being freelance can be difficult for many people, especially when it comes to issuing and chasing invoices. The GigEconomy app is a great new app for helping you to oversee your work, send out invoices as well as keep track of the clients who are paying you on time. It also comes with a free trial to help you test it out before you subscribe. Invoicing tools can take the stress out of handling client transactions, leaving you free to carry on with the work itself.

Accounting software

As well as managing invoices and payments, as a freelancer you’re also responsible for paying your own business expenses, bills and taxes. Even if you’re not great at balancing numbers, you can manage your accounts with ease using free accounting tools. By using online accounting software, you can check your balances in an instant as well as have a hub to store all of your receipts and correspondence ready to prepare your tax return at the end of the year.

Marketing tools

Finding clients can be another challenge associated with freelancing, and having a marketing strategy can help you keep your time filled and ensure you have a steady stream of clients. Take a look at social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Orlo to help you manage your feeds and make it easier to keep your content going. Meanwhile, services like MailChimp make it easy to send out communications to your clients, which is great to alerting them to special offers or reminding them of what you offer.

While freelancing involves putting a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, there are more and more useful tools being launched to help you do the job. From tools to help you set up a website to tools that will help you manage your time more effectively, make sure you take advantage of what’s out there to help make your freelancing a success.