World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Introverts might look calm on the outside, but on the inside, their stomachs are in knots. Why? It’s because we tend to overthink things compared to our extroverted cousins. In the workplace, this can be a very challenging situation to overcome. Someone says something, especially a boss, and you mull it over and over looking for the hidden meaning.


Wouldn’t you prefer to be at peace? Of course you would, but it’s not as easy as flicking a switch. To stop worrying internally, introverts need to go against the grain. Hopefully, these four tips can help in the long, hard battle for workplace peace.


Leave It To Someone Else


We tend to like to be in control. Otherwise, it’s as if nothing will get done properly and the whole office will fall apart. Our imagination is far from the truth, yet it doesn’t stop us stockpiling responsibility regardless. The problem with spinning too many plates is that they will inevitably fall. Therefore, it’s better to outsource managed IT services or marketing or anything else rather than worry. Don’t pick anyone as this won’t allay your fears. Still make sure your partners are dependable, high-quality people with skill and experience. And then, sit back and relax (if you can!).


Focus On A Solution


Introverts are always concentrating, but the focus of our mind is on the negative. Don’t you wonder about a problem on a daily basis? When you do, it instantly causes the mind to release stress-inhibiting hormones and you freak out on the inside. By flipping the script, you can game how the brain reacts. Focusing on a solution is a positive emotion so the hormones will be constructive and helpful too. Try thinking about what you can to improve the situation. That way, the tension will turn into a proactive desire to be better.


Find A Distraction


One of the best ways to get on with work life is not to think about it in the first place. The more we obsess about what so-and-so said, the more stressed we will become. The trick is to forget about it altogether, but that isn’t straightforward because obsessing is kind of our jam. However, you can use your brain to your advantage by getting inside your head. Think about the things which make you happy and that aren’t related to the office. For example, introverts can wonder about TV series and what’s going to happen next for hours.


Listen To Music


Hopefully, your office is a progressive one where the bosses don’t care how you do your job. As long as you get results, that’s the important thing. These are the environments where introverts can use hacks to smooth out the day. Listening to music is the perfect illustration. Once the earbuds are in, it filters out the background noise so there’s no reason to contemplate what he or she said. Plus, it’s a distraction as most people get lost in the lyrics.


What are your coping strategies in the office?