World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


If you are an introvert, you might think that working in the healthcare profession is not for you, but you’d be wrong. If you care about the wellbeing of your fellow human beings, you are exactly the kind of person who should be working in health, and there are a surprising number of careers in health that are perfect for the average introvert, and which are pretty reasonably paid too. Here are some of them…


Dental Informaticist Specialist


Dental informaticists specialists are individuals who figure out ways of using technology to improve upon current dental practices. They come up with theoretical models that enable dental researchers to try out new approaches and ideas within the industry. That means that, if you were to pursue this career, you would spend most of your time working at a desk in isolation, but you would still be contributing greatly to making life better for people all over the world.


Laboratory Assistant


Lab assistants are highly skilled professionals who work hard to find disease (or the lack of it) in samples. They also collate data that helps doctors to work out the best treatments for various illnesses, and that means that they have one of the most important healthcare careers there is. It also means that they spend a lot of time working alone or in relative silence – they need to concentrate. So, if you’re scientifically minded and you like dealing with data, it could be the best move you ever make.


Medical Assistant


You might think that undergoing medical assistant training is a bad idea if you’re an introvert, but although most medical assistants will spend some of their time talking to other medical professional and patients, by far the bulk of the work is in dealing with electronic records, working in labs or coding documents, for example. Most healthcare facilities would struggle to run without medical assistants, so it is definitely a worthwhile career to get into too.


Medical Librarian


Medical librarians aren’t really all that different to s standard librarian except they deal exclusively in medical literature. They typically work on college or pharmaceutical industry research teams doing invaluable work providing the necessary resources to make medical breakthroughs possible.


Forensic Chemist


Forensic chemists analyze trace evidence identified at crime scenes to work out what various materials are, and they test drugs to identify them. If you were to take up forensic chemistry as a career, most of your time would be spent working in the lab although you may have to speak with law enforcement or testify in court on a semi-regular basis too.


Healthcare Coder


Healthcare coders review medical records and assign cases to them to ensure that healthcare providers are paid properly for their work. Without them, it would be impossible for hospitals to invoice insurance companies and patients accurately, which could put healthcare facilities at risk. This is a job that can often be carried out remotely, which makes it perfect for introverts.


See, you really can work in healthcare even if you are an introvert!