World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


When you think about a good boss, a lot of people will consider confidence as one of the key traits in their arsenal. To be able to navigate the tricky world of business, you need to be able to talk to people, and the idea of someone introverted doing this sort of job can often seem unrealistic. In reality, though, this doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of this post, you should be able to use a range of different techniques to boost your managerial skills, even when you prefer to spend most of your time alone.


Solving Problems Before They Come: When an employee has an issue, they will often march straight to their bosses office and let them know exactly what is on their mind. Of course, though, as an introvert, dealing with harsh conflict isn’t something you’re going to enjoy, and this is something worth avoiding. If your floors are slippery and causing risks, for example, using a flooring services company to come and fix the issue before anyone complains will always be the best route to take. It usually takes a little bit of time for people to become frustrated enough to complain. To help you further with this, you could consider having your business inspected, using a professional to make sure that nothing is unsafe or unfair for your workers.


Offer One-to-Ones: Unfortunately, though, however hard you try, you will never before able to avoid talking to your team altogether, and there could easily be problems which slip through the net. To handle this in the most comfortable way, a lot of bosses will use one-to-one meetings to avoid being buried under people’s complaints. When you have something like this scheduled for each month, people will wait with their problems, instead of raising them when you have the whole team to contend with. It is always much easier to talk to one person at a time, as this will give you enough time to think, while also removing the tension which comes with a group debate.


Find Someone to Help: Delegation is a huge part of being an employer. Throughout your time in business, you will have had to give loads of people jobs to do. This can go beyond the products you make or sell, though, and will extend towards the way your team is looked after. HR is a field best left for the extroverts, and finding someone to take on this sort of role should be a simple task. There are loads of recruitment websites out there, making it easy to find someone fit to handle the interpersonal side of your company, while leaving you to enjoy the peace and quiet which comes with paying someone to do a job for you.


Hopefully, this post will give you the chance to improve your experiences as an introverted manager. You should never have to let this part of your personality impact your chances of running a business, especially when you’ve already worked very hard to get things off the ground.