World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Not all training comes from attending courses or working in the field. Often, the skills you cultivate at home can be just as valuable. You just need to gather the right resources. Owning a competent computer and home office space can help tremendously, or at least somewhere to help you focus. For such an amazing and powerful tool, it’s amazing how many people do not consider the internet an absolute benefit to their careers. You can learn almost anything and hear some of the most qualified voices speak, so it’s worth taking the time to find this information.


There are many working skills you can sharpen at home. To find out what these are, and how to access them, consider the following:




It’s quite amazing to see just how you can improve yourself in fields that really have an effect on our society as a whole, all from the comfort of your home desktop. Perhaps the most notable example of this are programming courses. You surely can’t learn programming in the library with a pen and paper. You need to focus on using terminal consoles to try and experiment with code, to research, plan and communicate with those trying to learn the same as you. Using tool such as Simple Programmer, to learn Python or Javascript could help you add a very necessary skill to your repertoire, helping you stay informed for the future.




There are many free lectures online, focused on an incredible amount of different topics, and from a range of highly qualified voices. From TED Talks to YouTube university postings, to simply independent experts voicing their opinions on a range of matters, the internet is truly the new marketplace of ideas, and ensuring you interface with this as much as you can could teach you some truly valuable new things, from top to bottom.


Basic Courses


Of course, sitting and listening to experts opinions or lectures can educate you, but sometimes you may want to go through a legitimate course to catch up on the education you may not have interfaced with massively as a child. For example, Khan academy offers courses right from basic low grade math all the way up to high level calculus. This can help you fix your blind spots. While you may not receive a qualification for learning this, you can absolutely test your knowledge and ensure that you confirm to yourself your practical skill. After all, actually knowing something will always beat a piece of paper that states that you do. There are many basic courses all over the internet, some free and some that cost, some that offer qualifications and some that don’t. From food hygiene self-qualifications to online degrees in engineering, you’re sure to glean some benefit from these if only you’d take the time to interface with them, and enjoy them to the best of your ability.


With these working skills you can sharpen at home, you’re sure to craft yourself into a better person.