World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Are you settled in your career or do you feel like a complete change? You are never too old to change career and it’s never too late. There are so many options available to you which will facilitate you to become qualified in your area of interest. It’s wise to keep your “finger on the pulse” in order to identify careers that are in hot demand. Skill shortages change rapidly and these changes often run alongside technology and innovation progression. To enable yourself to be a valuable commodity within the workplace, adapt your current skills so that they remain current.



Once you have identified the occupation which you would like to train for, it’s time to research some of the options available to you. You could opt to remain in your current job and learn new skills at night school, or perhaps you have always wanted to go to college or university. The internet has opened up a whole range of training options and many training providers offer quality training online either on a full basis or partially, going to college for practical aspects to the course. It is possible to qualify for a Builders Licence with recognised awards on a flexible basis. There is also the option of funding your course with 0% interest free installments.


Here are some careers which are currently in high demand. If any appeal, get yourself trained in order to become skilled. Your skills are likely to be in hot demand and could be a lucrative choice.


Trades within the construction industry

There is always high demand for suitably qualified tradespeople. Let’s face it, who can find a plumber in an emergency. If you enjoy the practical aspect to construction you will be in hot demand if you become a skilled and sought after builder, joiner, electrician or decorator. The building trade suffered during the recent recession, however there is plenty of building work currently being done. According to research building companies find it extremely difficult to find skilled workers. Skilled workers within the construction industry are inundated with work and can command high prices. In the future opportunities could include setting up your own business with tradespeople working for you, or you could try your hand at property development or renovation.  



There isn’t a day goes by, when the shortage of nurses doesn’t appear in the media. There are a huge amount of nursing vacancies and they all need to be filled if the care provided continues to be of a high quality. We live in a world where everyone has the chance of living longer, unfortunately this places extra demand on health care services. A nurse starting out on their career will have many opportunities to further their career once they have gained some experience. There are so many branches of nursing, it should be easy to find a position in which you are interested in. Career progression is also excellent.




There continues to be huge shortfall in qualified engineers, which has an effect on the nation’s ability to be productive and innovative. Engineering drives the economy for new technology. Many schools have begun to focus on inspiring students to become interested in a future career in engineering, but there is still a long way to go. Engineering is now commonplace in healthcare environments and biochemical engineering is at the forefront of innovation. A career in engineering has the potential to be exciting and fast paced. If you have a strong background in science engineering could be the career you are looking for. You will certainly be entering a career with diversity.


Skin aesthetician

With an aging population comes the search for ways to look younger. Even during downturns in economy people continue to be prepared to pay money on their appearance. Skin aestheticians are qualified in laser technology for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, anti aging treatments, botox and fillers.


Suitably qualified aestheticians are in high demand within beauty salons, spas and clinics and can attract high salaries. There is also the potential to become self employed and open your own salon or work on a mobile basis.


Software developer.

Technology is forever evolving, there are so many new products being developed and released that it is hard to keep track. Technology plays a major part in most people’s lives and suitably qualified software developers are in hot demand. Developers write the code in order to develop new software to support systems. Coding can be learnt in the form of home learning so that skills can be updated without having to resign from your current role. By learning the code that is in most use, your skills will be in demand.



Similar to nursing there is currently a shortfall in qualified teachers. Teachers that are qualified in maths and science are in particular demand. Career progression is good within teaching and the pay scales increase quite quickly with experience.


To train as a teacher, you have many options available, some of which are school based so that you can learn “on the job”. If you already have a degree you could opt to take a course which will lead to qualified teacher status, or you could train as a teacher in college.


Personal trainer

People are getting older and want to stay healthy for longer. Personal trainers develop programmes for individuals and provide much needed motivation. A good personal trainer can be in huge demand and can command high prices for their services. You need lots of energy and you need to be very reliable.


There are so many more careers that are in demand that there are too many to list. You can be safe in the knowledge that your career choice will continue to be in demand if it includes technology, IT, engineering and health care. Beauty and hairdressing is also not going to dwindle in popularity anytime soon.


Research the training options available to you and develop your skill set in order to create the career of your dreams. Funding options are also often available, making retraining a possibility.