World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Running a business is tough. You probably don’t need us to tell you that, assuming you stumbled onto this article because you do, in fact, run a business. Not only do you have to manage your workload, but you may have a team to manage as well, ensuring they are up to speed on the tasks they need to be getting on with. You also have your accounts to manage, customers to deal with, and your competition to watch out for. So, we are saying again, as if you needed reminding a second time, running a business is tough, but…


It doesn’t have to be. Well, not all of the time anyway. You can make life easier yourself by adopting some very simple practices. These include…


  1. Waking up earlier each day, rather than stumbling out of bed just before you are due to start work. As we mentioned in an earlier article here at, waking up earlier can transform your professional life. With a clearer head when you arrive at work, you can benefit from the time you had before beginning your day. You have the time to eat something healthy, exercise a little, and have the opportunity to get your head into something approaching work mode before facing the day’s challenges.


  1. Using a system to simplify your day. There are many software tools and apps available that can take some of the stress away from your busy schedule. Consider apps such as Quickbooks to manage your accounts, or Slack to help you communicate with others. Consider the management software provided by as another example, an effective way to centralise every aspect of your operation. By using these tools, you are bringing some semblance of order to your business day, simplifying tasks and freeing up your time.


  1. Saying ‘no’ once in a while. Yes, you want to make money in business, but saying ‘yes’ to every project that comes your way is going to burn you out. Furthermore, you may not have time to finish every project to the quality your client expects. Do yourself a favour then, and only take on work you have the time for. If you’re afraid you might lose a client as a result, it’s still safer to be honest about your availability, rather than rushing something out that might affect your reputation.


  1. Seeking help when needed. So, you’re not superhuman – that is something we all have to deal with – so there are times when help should be called upon. If you have a staff team at your disposal, delegate to them, rather than taking on every task yourself. If you haven’t hired anybody, or they are already laden with work, then outsource to somebody else. There are some useful tips at as to why, what, and when you should outsource. In short: don’t run your business alone, as you will exhaust yourself.


  1. Taking a break occasionally. If you are always working, you are going to burn yourself out. So, while taking a break may seem counterproductive, you are actually doing yourself a favour. By taking a holiday, a day off, or even more breaks during the day, you will be in a better position to manage the tasks you have ahead of you, due to the rest you have provided both your mind and body. As we said, you’re not superhuman – remember even Supergirl took time off occasionally – and she’s only a fictional character!


So, we say it for the third and final time. Running a business is tough, but it doesn’t need to be. Follow our tips, and you will make life easier for yourself. We promise!