World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

One of life’s greatest pleasures is food; let’s not beat around the bush. It doesn’t matter what diet you are following – if at all – and it doesn’t matter whether you are vegan, vegetarian, fish fanatic or mad about meat, food is a big part of life. We socialise with it. We use it to fuel our bodies and we even use it as comfort on those sad days that happen in life. It’s not a secret that food is something that almost everyone enjoys and if food is your passion, why not make a little dosh for it?

Starting a business is a big adventure but starting a business with something that you are passionate about in mind is going to be the biggest possible adventure that you could have. There is a massive demand for new and exciting food options, and while there is a huge cry for healthier food options, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t start a business with exciting pizza franchises and make healthy versions of a favorite fast food. Starting any business is a hard one and it’s especially difficult to own a business in the food service industry. The good bit? Seeing the reactions of your customers as they sample your creations! So, what kind of business could you start with your passion for delicious cuisine in mind?

Farm-To-Table Restaurant. Having a passion for food is one thing, but having a love of food grown locally, sourced, cooked and served is another thing entirely. You’re supporting local businesses, serving fresh and healthy options and strengthening your business in the community.


There is nothing like fresh cream cakes with a hot drink on a sunny morning, and when you own your own bakery you have the chance to create beautiful, hand finished cakes that people in the local area will love. Retail space can cost a lot of money, which can make a big difference to your overheads, but if you plan on baking en masse there are components you may wish to take advantage of, such as commercial kitchen cleaning to make your operation smoother. But it is entirely possible to turn your living space, which means you may need to invest in a few extra items, but if you get your kitchen certified as safe to cook in from home, you can accept orders online and work from home.

Catering. Everyone loves to play the host sometimes, even if it is a stressful venture. You could cater small events to family and friends in the community, and if you manage to grow enough so that you’re inundated with orders, you could even get a team together and a kitchen space to help.

Speciality Food Café. An increasing number of people in the world are turning toward vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free products, so why not go for the niche market and create delicious meals based on foods people use as alternatives? A vegan café in an urban area would go down a treat and you could get a chance to have locals spread the word and bring in more custom.

Food Truck. Festivals, outdoor events and parties are always clamouring for new ideas to offer customers. Running your own food truck with a cuisine of your choice can earn you great money and give you a chance to be in a public facing role!

Running a food business is going to keep you rushed off your feet, but when you’re selling your passion, you’ll smile for it!