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In case you just started your company or took on your first employees, it is important that you look at your skill set and take a note of your development areas. When you become a manager, you often need to grow up to the task and step up your game. If you need to go back to college or get a new qualification online, this might be the right time to start. Below you will find a list of skills every manager needs at the workplace.


It is not enough that you have a vision for your business; you also have to be able to communicate it to your customers, employees, and business partners. It is important that you improve your written and verbal communication skills, so you can articulate your messages clearly. Communication is also important for designing marketing messages, as nobody knows more about your business than yourself.



Motivating yourself and your employees can have a great positive impact on corporate productivity and profitability. You can find unique and personalized ways of motivating your staff for doing their job exceptionally well. You can get some plaques designed for every type of achievement: superior customer service, improvement, or hitting targets. This way, you can show your appreciation and make your staff more committed to your company.


A manager always needs to know what is going on in the office and keep their word. Therefore, you will have to work on your organization skills and make sure that you don’t miss deadlines and stay in touch with suppliers, chase up invoices, and delegate tasks on time. Whether you like keeping a physical diary or an online journal with mobile reminders, you need to stay on top of your agenda.

Information Technology

It is also crucial that you are familiar with every software and tool available in your organization, so you can provide support and guidance for staff. The best managers are able to jump on any role, but they decide not to, as their time and effort is better spent organizing business processes. Familiarize yourself with mobile and social media technologies uses in the office, so you can keep on top of your tasks and engage with the general public.

Data Analysis

While – as a manager – you are not likely to be the one to collect data and interview customers, you will be the one who needs to make strategic decisions based on analyzing information available on the business. If you cannot interpret sales figures and charts, you will not have the information you need to make a clever decision. You have to be able to understand market reports and trends, so you can adjust your marketing and sales strategy to the latest developments in your industry.


When you become a manager and responsible for the future of your business and employees it is important that you work on your skills, so you can do your job better and deliver the most value possible for all stakeholders.