World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Everyone thinks that extroverts have a leg up when it comes to making money and it’s all thanks to their personality traits. Introverts look at them with enviable eyes and extroverts look at themselves with a lot of self-love. However, we’ve got reason to believe introverts actually make better investors and that’s because their traits can actually be seen as advantages.


Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Charles Schwab – these stupidly successful people are all famously introverts and it’s not just a coincidence. It’s all to do with how they make their investing decisions. Calm, collected and patient. It all works in the introverts favours and it’s all to do with them having a better handle on their emotions.


Below we have pulled together some of the overarching traits that may be super-helpful when it comes to investing; all of which are common within people with introverted personalities.


  1. They take The Time To Understand

Extroverts are some of the most impulsive people on the planet, which isn’t always a good fit when it comes to investing and trading. That’s where introverts have the advantage. Instead of diving into a big investment decision, introverts have a tendency to spend much more time researching everything they can and should. That means researching what CFD trading is, what the company’s history is like, looking at comparable metrics and doing all they can to create a rounded understanding of what they are considering investing in. A smart investment is one you feel totally comfortable with before handing over your money. It’s as simple as that.


  1. Managing Uncertainty Is Crucial

Anyone that has made a bucket load of profit when it comes to trading will tell you it took them years. There is no big cash out that can be had in an instant. This plays right into the hands of an introvert because they are more patient than extroverts, who tend to be more focussed on instant gratification and external rewards. Long-term investing is the secret to success, and that’s something introverts are naturally blessed with. The other major positive to mention is how introverts want to avoid self-destructive tendencies and impulses. They don’t feel the need to chase a loss in the same way, which is where most traders get into trouble. They want to remedy any losses, while introverts know when to stop and reassess.


  1. Listening Is The Secret Weapon

Introverts may not be as keen to blurt out their life story or throw in their two-pennies worth, but they are more likely to listen and listen with genuine interest. Of course, you may be thinking to yourself, “great, but what’s that go to do with successful investing?” Well, the answer is opportunity. Some of the greatest investment opportunities have been discovered through observing the market, what others are doing and by listening intently. The most obvious example of this is in real estate, where so many variables come in to make up a good deal. A great opportunity is found in the details, perceptions and market trends.