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Do you feel drained after work even when you love what you do?

Do you feel like you have trouble setting boundaries?

Are you tired of just getting by? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then my 1:1 Introvert Success Leadership Coaching is what you need

Be yourself. 

Career Roadmap Built Exactly To Your Needs

Perhaps you’ve recently been elevated to a manager position but you just aren’t sure what sort of help you need. 

Introverts won’t show up like other employees, but they can be equally as powerful if they are supported. 

Among these, introverts experience:

  •       the need to be authentic
  •       fear of being an imposter and
  •       a need for time to recharge 

That’s right. It is A-ok to ask for help.  You deserve to be successful and supported at work. But GEESH, it can be hard to ask!  

Empower yourself, as an introvert, to understand better how to navigate the workplace and still remain authentic.

Praise for the Program

“I learned how to portray myself in a positive light, while being authentic. The homework assignments that she gave me after each session were very effective in helping me to understand myself better and to articulate my strengths, which really helped build my confidence as a manager”


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Examples of what sessions might look like

Impostor syndrome 

  • Which impostor archetype are you? (pre-work questionnaire)
  • How does it show up in your work?
  • Where does this come from?
  • Rethinking/Rewiring?  


Energy management

  • Difference between time and energy management
  • What is draining you? (pre-work questionnaire)
  • Recharge habit system


Time management

  • Where are you spending your time? (pre-work questionnaire)
  • What is your time management style?
  • Priority system

Own your own success

How Impostor Syndrome Might Show Up

Do you constantly seek out certifications, degrees, or other achievements as a means of showing others you do know things?

Do you feel like things will never be good enough?

Do you go back to tweak things to the point where it’s difficult to declare a project ‘finished’?

Do you frequently think they’ve picked the wrong person when someone wants to give you recognition for something you’ve done?

Do you accomplish more than those around you and still feel like it’s not enough?

What's Different About Me?

I am an introvert and I have been a manager of a 20 person recruitment team and have been working virtually for over 11 years.

I have been a HR manager and had managers tell me about their disengaged members of staff and wanted to know how to deal with them. I asked them questions about how these members of staff were showing up.

I worked with them to help distinguish between introverted staff and disengaged employees. Then we put together a training program to help bring out the best of their introverted staff.

It is refreshing to work with other someone who understands the nuances of social and work situations as an introvert and has the experience to offer real and helpful tips to accepting yourself while driving personal and career growth.”

Organizations I have worked with

Set Your Inner Introvert Up For Success! 

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Energy as an Introvert and Perform Better at Work

Do you feel drained after work when you love what you do? Do you feel like you have trouble setting boundaries? Then my free podcast is just what you need to learn more about how you can manage your time and energy to be more effective in management as an introvert