Janice Chaka Career Coach for IntrovertsI’m Janice!

I help introverted women achieve personal and professional breakthroughs, even if they struggle to make changes or believe success is reserved for extroverts only.

As a career, business, and life coach for introverted women, my mission is to help you overcome the challenges that keep you from reaching your goals, getting that promotion you deserve or going after the lifestyle you’ve always been dreaming of.

What qualifies me to be your new coach?

Well, besides being an introvert, I’ve seen the ins and outs of corporate life as an HR consultant and have changed careers successfully multiple times. I’ve also been running my own business successfully and doing something truly meaningful that allows me to help introverted women flourish in every aspect of their lives and achieve their personal version of success.





Career and Business Coaching for Introverts

Turn your introversion into your new superpower, leverage your natural skills, learn how to effectively deal with stress at work, and achieve career breakthrough.

6 Month program From US$250 per month

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One-Off Introspection Strategy Session

A laser-focused session to provide you with honest feedback, deep understanding, and the commitment to helping you excel in ONE major area of your career.

US$150 Per session

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