Are you an introvert looking for a way to amplify your voice?

You have a voice and you want to be heard over the noise of extroverts? Do you want to show that you are a subject matter expert? whether you are employed or have your own business as a fellow introvert I can help you create a strategy, find your voice and be the heard, using one or all of the following:


Did you know that you could podcast anonymously? It is a great way to get your message out there without exposing yourself. I can help you get your podcast started from an idea you think no one wants to hear about to a published podcast.

Public Speaking

From meetings, to performance reviews, to workshops to talking in front of hundreds of people. There are many different versions of public speaking and we all have different fears about them. Working together we can find your perfect method for public speaking.


There are so many different ways to publish a book from writing it yourself to using voice to text. Publishing a book or a series of books is a great way to show your expertise and help other people. With my help we can create the book you always dreamed of.

Personal Branding

No matter who you are, you should have a personal brand. What do you want people to know you for? What do you enjoy doing? How much more often will you recommend someone when it's easy to say "oh yeah, I know the perfect person for X!" or "I'll send you the link to someone that specializes in Y. Let me help you build a brand that is in line with your values!

All of this done with processes to help you lead a life that is in balance with your introversion.

Who am I and why do you care?

I am that introvert who some years ago would never have imagined that I would have left my corporate job and actually started helping people.

It started off with giving workshops on networking for introverts which went surprisingly well. I then I got into webinars and started doing them for Then came the speaking gigs on various introvert related topics. This lead me to write a book

After a while I started a podcast which was not really meant for the general public but people liked what I had to say.

None of this was expected and all of it I am grateful for. I want to continue helping introverts by helping them amplify their voices. Click “Chat with Janice” below and lets see how I can help you amplify yours!

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