World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

flying tips

I travel a lot… which shouldn’t be surprising since I’m the travelling introvert! The current trip that I have up and coming will be 30 hours in total from my home to my destination, including 1 transfer shuttle, 3 flights – one of which will be 14 hours – 2 layovers, going over 13 time zones. Bit of a crazy one!

So this has led me to think about my top tips for when picking the right plane for your journey:

• Menu – some of the airline websites will let you look at the menu beforehand, ensuring that you can avoid a certain flight or airline if they’re serving food you really do not like, or you can sort out your own food.

• Reviews – because I do travel a lot I know what sort of plane I like and what amenities I need, but if you are newer to it you can always look for reviews. See what others have to say about space, etc, before you book. Seatguru is a great website to help you with this.

• Website – some airlines, such as Asiana Airlines, will give you reams of information to help you book. This can be more than just the menu; the time that food comes out, how regularly you will be fed, the movies on show… this will give you a much better clue how your trip will look.

• Wifi – Is Internet connectivity important to you at the airport? If so you might need to do some research. I found that JFK, one of the biggest airports in America, only offers Wifi for 30 minute intervals which was very problematic for me. The same goes for plug sockets. If you need these things, do your research first.

• Massage – I wear the DVT socks, you have to, but to be really careful with my blood flow I always check that there are massage facitilites when I’m doing a very long flight, even if it’s just the chairs! Anything to help it become a more pleasurable experience for me.

I always check the variety of flights available to me as well. Sometimes, if the airline gives me what I want, I’m happy to go for one long flight, but sometimes I prefer to book shorter flights for layovers. However, if I book these flights separately I always check that I’ll have enough time between each flight just in case I need to go through security again.

The more you travel, the more you’ll get used to what you need and want to make flying better for you.