World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


My main concern with airport hotels is that they do not have 24 hour check in and out. They are positioned near a service which runs all the time so it would make much more sense to do so. Your flight might not get in until two o clock in the morning, and by the time you’ve got through baggage claim, immigration, and onto the shuttle bus, you might not get in and to bed until much nearer three.

Having to get up before midday with the lack of sleep and jet lag is killer. It also means that you don’t get any enjoyment from the luxury of your hotel, it’s purely for sleep… and an expensive sleep at that. The added tax onto airport hotels makes the stay there hardly worth it sometimes. It’s easy to see why some people prefer to actually forgo that and sleep where they can at the airport instead. Offering a service where you could check out 12 or 24 hours after you check in would make so much difference to frequent travelers.


Blackout curtains should actually work. I LOVE black out curtains but very few hotels have good ones. As an introvert I love to check in have a shower and pass out without interruption. Blackout curtains help me fall asleep quicker. So if you are going to do them, do them right.

Another issue I have is the lack of available food. It’s recommended that when travelling to a different time zone that you try and get into that new time a few days before. This changes your sleep and eating arrangements. If food isn’t available as a 24 hour room service or even a pantry option, then it’s impossible to do so. This would also be great with water. I’ve been to many hotels where coffee is available all the time but water isn’t, which is odd because flying makes you dehydrated. Coffee isn’t as helpful for that as water would be!

I would love it if at least one brand of hotel paid attention to this, it would make my life so much easier and I’m sure many others too!