World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


I recently realized that I have a traveling ritual which makes me act like I’m flying alone even when I’m not. It’s a way to get myself into my own little introverted bubble, which of course as the traveling introvert is perfect for me. It helps me to block out the world. I never paid much attention until I took a long haul flight with a friend and I realized that I pretty much ignored them the whole way – not because I didn’t like them, but because I always do things the same.
So, this is what I do:

• I arrive early so I can check out all the most up to date details of the flight. If there is any chance of delay, or me not getting the seat I want, I need to know ASAP so I can fix it.

• I get on the plane first so I can get myself organised. Luckily, because I always plan in advance, I have everything that I’m going to need while flying in a smaller bag inside my carry on. That way, I can grab it easily creating much less of a fuss.

• Then I put my bag in the overhead bin opposite me. I don’t do it in the one above me because it’s safer if I can see it. If someone is rummaging through my bag I can’t see that happening above my head!

• I take my seat, but I don’t buckle up in case I need to move, which if I’m in the aisle seat I have to a lot.

• Then I take my travel sickness tablets. If I haven’t got water with me, I’ll ask someone for it.

• I moisturize all my exposed skin because flying dehydrates me massively. On that note, I check my app which reminds me to drink water every hour.

• I put on my compression socks and slippers before taking down my hair so I don’t get headaches.

• Then I start blocking out the world by putting in my earphones and deciding what I’m going to watch and listen to while I fly. I get into my own little introvert bubble where I’m happiest.

What are your travelling rituals? Are yours similar to mine or do you have your own quirks?