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With introverts making up an estimated 25%-40% of the population, you should be sure to keep them in mind during the interview process. Introverts have some great qualities and skills that make them well worth having on your team.

When aiming to be inclusive in your hiring practices, you should start accommodating introverts. Make introverts feel comfortable and create the right conditions for them to discuss their skills and expertise. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here’s how you can adopt inclusive hiring practices that are more accommodating for introverts.

Why Introverts Can Be a Valuable Asset to Your Company

When hiring for a position, it can be tough to be completely free of biases. Even great interviewers may catch themselves not giving a candidate the right consideration.

By putting in some effort to be more inclusive of introverts, however, you’ll gain valuable employees who have unique skillsets and advantages.

Understanding Introverts and Extroverts

These days, more and more people are talking about the differences between introverts and extroverts. At first, it may seem like the introverts/extroverts dichotomy is all about whether a person is shy or outgoing. Yet, there’s more to these personality differences than meets the eye.

The key difference is that introverts gain energy from being alone and doing solitary activities. Extroverts gain their energy and “recharge” from being around others.

The professional world, particularly in the United States, has long focused on strong leaders who are assertive and express themselves freely. The conversation is changing, however. Introverts are starting to get recognition for the gifted individuals that they are.

Books such as Susan Cain’s Quiet shed light on the benefits of hiring introverts in the workplace. Books such as these reveal that introverts offer some great qualities that make them exceptional workers. They also tend to have important skills that their more extroverted counterparts don’t.

How Introverts Perform Their Duties

Many companies now realize that introverts can thrive under the right conditions.

Because of the qualities introverts have, they tend to be pretty independent. They often perform their best work alone. They may not need as much guidance or feedback as an extrovert would.

Introverts also have great analytical abilities. They work to understand the finer points of work problems and solutions before acting. They do a great job of approaching problems from new angles.

On top of all this, introverts are also great listeners and tend to be empathetic. This allows them to do a great job of assisting others while also being reliable leaders as well. 

How to Accommodate Introverts in the Hiring Process

So how do you make your hiring process more inclusive for introverts? Here are some interview practices that you should start using.

Focus on Skills in the Job Posting

To be more inclusive of introverts, make sure that you start with the job posting itself. In a job posting, focus on listing only the skills that are needed for a position. Don’t focus on the type of personality or temperament that a person should have.

An introvert may have the skills necessary for a position but may be deterred by a job posting that seems to exclude them.

Offer Multiple Methods of Communication

Make sure that you’re allowing for a variety of communication methods during the hiring process.

Extroverts might be well-suited for phone conversations. Introverts might tend to do best with written communication. Regardless no one human is the same and just how you would have various ways for people to learn information, you should also have different way for people to communicate and not show bias to just one.

Offer communication options during the process. This will give introverts a chance to express themselves in the way that they’re most comfortable with.

Let Candidates Know What to Expect

Remember that you should avoid overwhelming candidates with the interview process. Interviews can seem very intimidating. Many introverts like to know what to expect to prepare adequately.

It’s a good idea to lay out the interview process in your job posting. This way, interviewees can prepare themselves for everything that will happen during the process. 

Give Breaks During All-Day Interviews

Performing all-day interviews can be beneficial for a company during the hiring process. However, it can be tough on candidates.

Introverts, in particular, can have a tough time going through all-day interviews. Having to go from meeting to meeting with no down or recharge time can be a draining process for introverts.

If you must host an all-day interview, then make sure that you’re giving candidates some time to rest. Let them recharge between each segment.

Avoid Double-Barreled Questions

When interviewing candidates, you should also avoid asking about too many topics at once.

Avoid asking double-barreled questions and instead make your questions as direct as possible. Then, make sure that you give candidates time to process the question that you asked.

Introverts often prefer to think about a question carefully before answering. This can be especially tough for them to do if you’re asking too much at once. 

Consider Giving Asynchronous Interviews

Introverts like to think about their responses and mull over questions carefully. Because of this, you might want to consider giving asynchronous interviews.

As opposed to giving real-time interviews, asynchronous interviews allow you to ask questions by email or video. You can then give candidates a chance to respond when they’re ready.

This can be helpful for introverts. It will give them a chance to answer questions fully rather than trying to improvise a response on the spot.

Understanding How to Implement Inclusive Hiring Practices

If you want to use more inclusive hiring practices, be sure that you keep introverts in mind. Introverts have a lot of skills that can make them well worth having in the workplace.

Ask plenty of questions, make them feel comfortable, and understand how they communicate. This way, you’ll be able to give introverted candidates the consideration they deserve. 

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