World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

For many introverts, their search to find the perfect career that stimulates them, but doesn’t drain all their energy has been a long one. In fact, many of us on the more introverted side of the spectrum end up creating our own business, so we have more control over the working environment and interactions that we have with colleagues and customers. However, running your own business and being your own boss comes with many challenges of its own. Something you can find out more about succeeding at, in the post below.


You need to be focused


Focus is an essential quality that you will need to possess if you are going to succeed at running your own company. Some folks are lucky and can easily focus on things, especially those that are important to them. However, if you struggle to be as focused as possible, don’t panic, because there are some things that can help you improve this.


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For example, you may wish to use tactics like the Pomodoro technique, which suggest you set a timer to work for 50 minutes and then rest for the other 10 out of every hour. Something that can help you retain sharp focus and drive throughout a long day.


You need to be detail oriented


Remember too that to be a successful owner of a business you will need to be as detail-oriented as possible. This skill is pretty crucial as well, because, even if you have others working for it is unlikely that they will be as invested as you are. Therefore it will often fall on your shoulders to look out for potential problems and improve things in the best way possible.




A good example of this is that a detail-oriented business owner will go out of the way to source containers for their products like the ones offered by this cannabis packaging company. Such containers are as safe as possible, and they can be customized easily with a brand logo. Something that makes them a triumph of detail orientation that could positively affect the entire business!


You need to be motivated


Next, for success to be yours in the matter of running your own business and being your own boss, you will need to be motivated. This is can be a tough one though, especially for introverts who like to work primarily on their own. After all, we are only human and if there isn’t someone watching over us all the time it can be hard to meet deadlines and put in the effort that is needed.



Motivation is key to successfully being your own boss.

Luckily, most of these issues tend to be cancelled out when you are running your own business because of the economic and intellectual investment you have made. Although, it doesn’t hurt to take some time away from your computer screen now and then so you can return refreshed and motivated after a break.


It can also help to research in to the different types of motivation in more detail. Then you can apply what you learn about intrinsic, as opposed to external motivating factors to keep you as driven and as successful as possible while running your own business.