World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If you employees are disengaged from your business, you could be on your way to some big issues. Having employees that enjoy their jobs, are loyal to you, and feel good at work and around other employees is so important for the health of your company. Look out for the following fatal warning signs that your employees are disengaged:


They’re Negative At Work

Do your employees seem to be super negative at work? If so, this is a sign that they’re not happy for whatever reason and there are probably a few things you can do to help them feel positive again. Some employees might just be a little more negative than others, but if this seems like a common theme amongst your employees, it’s not a good sign.


Making your workplace a more positive environment is a must. Make sure your employees are comfortable, that they have space for refreshments, and that they have everything they need to get their jobs done to a high standard.



They’re Behind With Their Work

Have you noticed that your employees are behind with their work? This could be a sign that they’ve stopped caring so much, or maybe even that they’re struggling with the level of work they have on their plates. To be a good leader, you need to speak with them and see if there’s anything you can do to make meeting deadlines easier for them. It may be something going on outside of the workplace, and showing that you care and are willing to help will be good for them.


They Procrastinate

Procrastination is a huge productivity killer in the office. Many employees procrastinate to some degree. One big cause of this can be checking emails too often, and scrolling Facebook. You don’t want to be the company that puts too many rules in place, but you need to make sure you give actionable tips to avoid procrastination.


They’re Stressed

Maybe your employees are stressed – are they overworked? Is their work too much for them? Do they simply need some coping strategies in place, or do you need to give them some time off? Maybe it’s time to start looking for new employees to take some of the heat off them?

Maybe you should look into recruiting employees for HR jobs, which can help you through the recruitment process in the future. Every company needs an able HR team.


You Have A High Employee Turnover

Perhaps your employees just don’t seem to stay with you for very long at all. If you have a high employee turnover, it’s a sign that you’re not keeping your employees happy enough and that you could do with making a few changes to the way things are done around your workplace. Keeping employees loyal isn’t that difficult, and you’ll save money on training, as well as have a better reputation.


Are you noticing a lot of the warning signs that your employees are disengaged? Make changes now before you struggle to find the right employees when you need them and end up having to abandon your business!