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If you are thinking of going to university in the future, whether you’re finishing school or you want to go down a different career path, essential research and preparation are needed.

Essential research before the university admission process

Before you select which university you wish to go to and before you begin your university admissions program, it is essential you do your homework first. Most students merely select a university or college because it is popular and they have heard of it often. Other people choose a higher education institution merely because their friends are going there. I highly advise you to carry out some research before you decide which university you want to go for, as often individuals underestimate the importance of this decision.

You need to not only look at the reputation of universities but you need to look at the reputation of universities in regard to the area you want to study. This is vital because a university may be the best in the country but when it comes to the subject you want to study it may actually not have such a high rating. Let’s say you want to work for a company like RSM Marketing, you need to ensure the university is known for digital marketing and advertising, rather than being a good all-rounder. 

You also need to consider the area the university is in; is it a safe place? Are there a lot of amenities and stores nearby that you can walk to? Do they have a good transport system?

All of these are extremely vital things to consider and should not be overlooked. It is important to remember you will probably be spending at least three months of your life in this university 

Importance of a personal statement

When handing in your application for university admission, your personal statement is absolutely vital. Many people make the mistake of thinking their exams are the only things that matter, however, I can assure you that this is certainly not the case. If you are without a good personal statement then you really can kiss goodbye to your desired university. 

Getting the right balance in your personal statement is important. First and foremost, you need to make the person reading aware of the fact that you have done your research on the course and you are certain it is the right one for you. You need to also express why you want to learn the subject you have chosen. 

In addition to this, you need to demonstrate your skills so far and what experience and extracurricular activities you have participated in outside of secondary school. You need to come across as confident and assured in your statement, but be careful not to overstep the mark and come across as cocky. 

Finally, your personal statement needs to have a clear structure and your use of language has to be impeccable, especially if you are aiming to study a language or writing-based course. 

Don’t rush the process of applying to university. Take your time and make sure you choose the right place for you.