World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Remote work might not be your choice when it comes to running a business, but with the current global pandemic that is unfolding, it seems like this is the only choice we have to keep our businesses running as well as our employees safe from the dangers of the virus.

One of the major struggles a company that is now forced for the first time ever to opt-in for remote work–is communication. Yes, we already have internal e-mailing, cloud storage for information, video meetings, group calls, instant messaging – but you may be wondering if these are enough to keep your employees engaged. Are they?

If you’re thinking of new ways to keep your employees engaged, especially now that almost everyone is working remotely to be safe, you might want to try having a company podcast.

A podcast is an audio recording made available online or through streaming services, typically as a part of a series. Kind of like a radio program. Now, you may be thinking about why we’re recommending podcasts for remote work? Here are a few reasons why we think it can improve employee engagement, as well as the engagement of your clients.


Now that information is easily shared online, you want to make sure that your employees are getting information as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Having a private podcast for your employees can make this possible. You may think that video calls or meetings are probably enough, or emails. The thing about podcasts is that it remains online, for as long as you want it to. This way, your employees would be able to listen to the information over and over when they need it. It lessens the unproductive time of having to repeat yourself after a meeting or an email.


Another struggle when it comes to remote work is the lack of a sense of security when it comes to keeping important information private. With a private business podcast, you can make sure that the information you’re distributing in the episode can remain private. There are podcast streaming sites that offer high security that can go beyond password protection. An example is uStudio, which also offers protection for the embedded media player, and the stream itself, making the podcast only playable when initialized in the location it is allowed, thus giving you the confidence that it won’t be shared to anyone outside the company.

Employee Engagement

A lot of studies have shown that audios are more engaging than visuals. A study showed that audio messages feel just as intimate or personal like video messages, but less distracting. The tendency then will be to focus on the message or the information that is being discussed.

Listening to a podcast can also fit in any schedule. You can listen to the podcast while doing other things. This way your employees will be able to multi-task while listening to the podcast as it doesn’t require their full attention, making the day more productive as tasks can be done while receiving information.

Client Engagement

Now that cities are on lockdown, and people are in self-quarantine, meeting new clients can be difficult. Having a company podcast can help with engaging new prospects. This can also help in getting more clients, as you won’t have to book them one by one, now that the ones interested, can just access a podcast from your company to listen to what you have to say to have them sign up.

These are only a few instances about how podcasts can help remote work and boost the business in times like this. Now that everyone has a lot of time in their hands, they will be looking for new things to watch or listen to fill the silence. It’s better to have a podcast ready just in case they would like to learn more about your company, too.