World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Recently, Sweden has made global headlines when they introduced their six-hour workday with the idea that having a more condensed workday will make people more motivated to get things done in a shorter period of time. This also gives the employees more time to spend with their families or hobbies to ensure work-life balance and avoid employee burnouts.


A work-life balance is the state of equilibrium in which the demands for personal, professional, and family life are equal, and it requires the correct prioritization of personal and work objectives.


But why should the work-life balance be regularly promoted by companies, to their employees?

There are so many motives to why employers should encourage their employees to get a better work-life balance, such are as follows:


  • Mental Health: it’s sad that not all employers put enough importance when it comes to mental health in the workplace, especially when there are already a lot of studies coming out, showing the dangers and risks that could lead to a lot of issues like stress-related illnesses or even depression. 


A common issue you may have heard of is burnout. Burnout happens when a person is put on immense pressure, caused by a lot of things like overwhelming workloads, or feeling undervalued for the hard work they do.


This is where personal days or holidays become vital, as these are opportunites to energize and recharge the mind, body, and spirit, to avoid collapse.