World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

When many people envision entrepreneurs the imagine brash, commanding and (in some cases) even intimidating presences. They imagine shameless self-promoters and career boasters. But the truth is that many entrepreneurs are quiet, unassuming and introverted people just like you. They are confident in their knowledge and skills, but can get very uncomfortable with the idea of promoting themselves. Still, just because you’re a quiet entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you can’t (or shouldn’t) have a loud brand.


Indeed, in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace where consumers know that they can afford to be fickle, quiet entrepreneurs need to learn to shout in all the right ways to make their voices heard as their competitors all vie for the attention of their customers. 


Here are some ways in which you can make your brand’s voice heard…


A multi-pronged approach to SEO


Visibility is essential, especially if you want to make contact with consumers at those intent-rich micro moments when consumers typically reach for a mobile device. You’ll need a multi-pronged approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that addresses all of the following;


  • On-page SEO, keyword use and readability and UX factors which influence SEO
  • Off-page SEO including building links from trusted high domain authority sources
  • Technical SEO auditing and fixing issues which may go unnoticed by an untrained eye but will be red flags for search engine crawlers. 


A digital marketing agency can help to elevate your brand’s visibility with a raft of on and off page strategies which are matched to your business’ specific needs and goals. 


Building brand value through thought leadership


You might not like to brag about your experience, expertise, insights and reflections on your industry. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have tangible value for people in your core market. Creating valuable thought leadership copy such as blog posts, videos, tutorials, “How To” guides, white papers and ebooks are all great ways to showcase your expertise and build value in your brand by building trust in you. 


If you can spare the time to venture out from behind your laptop you’ll find a wealth of other opportunities to deliver thought leadership like public speaking at industry events, running workshops for other business’ employees, or appearing on podcasts and radio shows. If you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and engage with both people in your target audience and non-competing businesses, you can find that it builds tremendous value in your personal brand. If you’re not sure where to start, there are agencies which can also help with facilitating this.  


Looking for opportunities to collaborate with other brands


Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, which is why competitor analysis should be an ongoing part of your business’ operations. Nonetheless, it’s not just competing brands that you should keep an eye on. There may be other businesses out there which can provide interesting opportunities for co-branding and collaboration. Co-branding is advantageous for businesses in a number of ways, especially relatively new businesses which are still establishing themselves. 


First of all, they get to piggyback on one another’s brand recognition and introduce themselves to a whole new target audience. People who trust your brand will likely also trust any brands with which you ally yourself, and vice versa. 


What’s more, co-branding can introduce you to interesting people who are just as passionate and motivated as you are. People with whom you experiment with different ideas, take risks and think outside the box. This in turn can lead to the creation of some interesting and innovative new products and services that can elevate the appeal of both brands. Not to mention affording you new contacts and potentially even new friendships. 


Following through on the promises you make


Finally, nothing speaks ,more loudly or eloquently than ensuring that your operations follow through with the promises inherent in your brand and your marketing. Otherwise your marketing will come across as so much bluster and consumers will disregard you as another blow-hard who fails to deliver where it matters most. Ensuring outstanding customer service, reliable and innovative products and content that brings value to the consumer are all essential considerations when it comes to following through with your branding. 


Your brand isn’t just a logo. It’s in everything you do. It’s how you train your employees, how you decorate your premises, the UX of your website and the quality control you exert over your products. 


Your brand is awesome, and its voice is well worth listening to. The strategies above can ensure that your voice is heard.