World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

With the rise of cloud based working and the accessibility of the internet, more and more of us are able to earn a decent living without even needing to leave our homes. Whether it’s as a freelancer, a home business owner or a remote worker for a company, there are lots of legitimate and well paid options which are becoming more and more accessible. And for the right kind of person, working from home is the ideal situation- here are just a few benefits.


It’s great for introvert personalities

If you’re reading this blog, chances are, you’re an introvert personality. And as we all know, the workplace doesn’t always favour our personality type. It’s usually the loud voices that are heard at work, the big personalities that get chosen for promotions- even making friends can be difficult when you’re naturally a bit of a lone wolf. Most workplaces will have a team/ community environment which doesn’t always work well for introverted people. Working by yourself, from home however might suit you to a tee. Even if you’re working for a company as a remote worker (rather than being your own boss) and you still have to communicate with a team, it will often be done via email and online chat services making it much easier. In life, we’re encouraged to be more outgoing, speak up for ourselves more and be more sociable. But some of us just aren’t like that naturally, so why should we change? Instead, choose a work environment that suits your personality and you’ll be far happier.


It can be useful for mental health issues

If you have a mental health issue, getting out to work every day can be a struggle. It could be something like agoraphobia which prevents you leaving the house at all, or it could be anxiety or depression where you have good and bad days. You might have an understanding boss, but missing days every week or month is never going to be sustainable long term. However, if you work from home it can make life much easier. You don’t have to worry about driving to work or sitting on a cramped train which can set off your anxiety. You don’t have to worry about speaking to colleagues, you don’t even need to get out of bed if you’re having a really bad day, you can simply grab your laptop and work from there. Because working from home gives you flexibility, if you’ve had a bad morning you always have chance to catch up in the afternoon. Whereas in a traditional job role, you have to turn up during your set hours and get your tasks done. If you have a mental health condition that makes it impossible to guarantee if you’ll be able to get up and leave the house for work each day, working from home instead is a good option. Just the fact of not having a job and having time on your hands can often exacerbate mental health problems, and so by having something you can do without putting additional stress on yourself could well help your mindset and condition.


You can still work if you’re physically disabled

Another reason you might struggle to get to work each day is due to a physical disability. Even if you’re very independent, being able to arrive at work on time when you’re limited with your movements can be tricky. You might need the help of another person to be able to even make it out of the door at all. You could well manage a desk job, but just getting to and from the workplace is the difficult part. In this instance, working from home is the ideal solution. Workplaces these days have to accommodate to those with disabilities, from making their entrances accessible to supporting you when needed, there’s even in office dispensing in some workplaces so it’s easy to get your medication. However, working from home could be the simplest and preferred option when you have a disability that limits you. You have your comforts around you and any aids and adaptations you need to manage your condition. You might have a particular type of seat you need to use, or you might have home help nursing come in to assist you each day which needs to be done while you’re at home. Either way, you can still earn money and move forward in your career without having to attend a traditional workplace.


It’s flexible

Flexibility in work is so important for some of us. If you have childcare commitments for example, you can’t always guarantee that you’re going to be available and able to work at set times- as most jobs will require. However, when you’re given your daily workload and can manage it as you see fit, you can still get things done around school runs, taking care of your kids when they’re unwell and attending things like sports days and parents evenings. The same is true if you’re caring for an elderly or disabled relative- you might have time in the day to work but your first priority has to be them. A flexible job really can enable you to do both. Even if you don’t have other commitments or mental or physical health issues, flexibility in your work is always going to be a bonus. It prevents you from feeling like you’re stuck in the rat race- being forced to clock in, work, eat and clock out at specific times. You get to manage your own workload and work in a way that suits your own personal energy spikes. You get a better work/ life balance- if you want to have a morning off to run errands instead of being stuck doing them on a busy saturday then you can- you just have to make the time up later on.