World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

If you ever feel a little bit disappointed that you’re alive at this period in history, and not any other, just remember this: we live in a time when it’s possible to not only make a living from selling beer, but making your own beer! That’s pretty special. Thanks to the all-out popularity of craft beer, there’s been a sharp increase in nano- and micro-brewery businesses in recent years. And they’re not just the reserve of wealthy corporations — anyone with a passion for beer can get started. Indeed, smaller producers are preferred to larger ones, overall. Below, we take a look at a few essential tips for starting your own.

Make it a Passion First

There’s a reason why the craft offerings of large beer companies haven’t been as successful as people might expect: a good craft beer has to come from a place of passion! Before you begin thinking about having a brewery business, you’ll want to get playing around with making small batches for your own consumption. During the process, you’ll begin to get a feel for what’s good, what isn’t, common mistakes, the craft beer culture, and so on. It’s an essential education. If you can’t do it for fun, you can’t do it for money!

Find Your Funding

You don’t need to have a ton of money to open a nanobrewery, but you do need to have some (some more is needed to reach microbrewery status). Equipment, finding space to rent, marketing, and the like all have costs attached to them, after all. You’ll find things easier if you have a few thousand to get you started. For this, you can look at dipping into your savings, getting a traditional bank loan, or getting funding through alternative options, such as a p2p loan.

Get the Equipment

You’re the one who’s going to be doing the most of the brewing, so you don’t need money for labor, just the equipment. When it comes to making beer, there’s a lot of specialized items that you can’t do without — these include a mash system, fermentation system, and filter processes, among others. More than just the equipment needed to make the beer, you’ll need to think of the things indirectly linked to the brewing process. These include owning or renting a building that’s large enough for brewing, and which has a room that can be fitted with cold room panels. A way to transport your product to bars, shops, and events should also be a consideration.

An Eye on Design

There’s a whole world built around craft beer. It’s not just the taste that counts! There’s also the matter of the name, look, and feel of the product, too. Alongside making sure that your beer tastes as delicious as possible, it’s worthwhile getting your creative hat on and figuring out how to make your beer stand out. There’s no shortage of competition, and it’ll be your ability to market the beer that’ll help take your beer from a fun passion project to profitable business.