World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

An essential component for any successful business is a strong workforce. These are the people that are responsible for the day to day tasks, and are able to keep things running and profit turning. So keeping them happy should be a high priority to you as a business owner. Here are a few things to consider.

Spruce up your office

Your office should never be overlooked when it comes to business. For most companies, it’s at the heart of what they do, you’ll want a space that’s smart and professional to look good to customers and clients. However, one of the biggest benefits to a nice office is improved staff mood. Something that’s nicely decorated, well lit, the right temperature, clean and organised will mean your staff working area is pleasing to spend time in. Move desks close to windows to make the most of the natural light.  Invest in good quality desks and chairs, as well as powerful computers and software enabling everyone to do their job as efficiently as possible.

Offer perks and rewards

You have so much competition in business- and you’re not just competing with them for customers. You’re also competing with other, similar businesses for the best employees. One thing to consider is that you’ll want to stand out to potential candidates by making your company an appealing place to work. You could include things like a company smartphone, laptop or even a company car as part of the job package. Things like health, dental and retirement plans all give your workers security and will make them more likely to stick with your company, rather than looking for work elsewhere.

Better your HR department

Your human resources department deal with all things to do with your staff- from recruitment to absences, to discrimination and harassment. They ensure everything handled fairly, responsibly and by the book. Your HR team is who your staff will speak to if they’re having a personal or legal issue surrounding your business, and so having a good team in place is essential. Well handled HR matters can reduce the risk of issues such as employment tribunals being brought against your company. You don’t even need to keep your HR department in-house, you can outsource hr case management to servicenow and other companies that specialise in this area. That way, you’re guaranteed the best results and it’s an element of your business that you don’t personally have to oversee.


Simply listening to what your employees have to say can make them feel much more valued and appreciated within your business. Whether it’s complaints, queries, praise or suggestions of how you could do things differently, take your workers opinions on board. Let them have their say, be an approachable boss that people feel comfortable coming to. This can help to build trust, and it can also alert you to issues you weren’t even aware of. When you’re running things from the top, there’s plenty that can be missed. These are your ‘people on the ground’- in many ways, they will know your business better than you do. If they’ve spotted flaws or problems that could be resolved then this is always going to be good news for you.