World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Everyday as the owner of a business you are reminded of the fact that you are in charge of other people. This also means you are responsible for other people also. As with a lot of authority, there always comes a lot of responsibility. The owner of a business has to make sure that his or her employees are working to their absolute best all the time. That’s obviously not going to be able to be done all the time but the notion is clear, work hard for as consistently as possible every working day. With this ethos in mind, it can be easy to forget that your employees have a life outside of work. Since you are running a small business and pressures are consistently high, you are working outside of normal working hours anyway. You don’t get to leave the business at 5pm, you go home and have it on your mind all the time. It can be easy to then expect your employees to behave like you and in subtle ways, force them into replicating your drive and passion. But pushing them too far too often, can end up costing you in more ways than one.


Their best brain

When an employee is fresh and full of drive, they are at their most optimal when it comes to brain power. The way they approach work, thinking about it, tackle problems and come up with solutions is at it’s very best. Here is where their creative and logical brains come together in a brilliant dance. However, the more and more you push your employees to work long hours, work on weekends and even take some work home with them to complete, the more this power diminishes. Their best brain is worn down slowly and you get a shell of their former self working for you. This means they are far more likely to cause problems than solve them, but also not provide you with the best solutions despite giving you acceptable options.


Enough time to rest

In some industries more than others, worker rest is crucial. For example in the trucking industry, companies that don’t give their employees enough rest time such as sleep in between delivering loads, can face a truck labor attorney. This kind of legal practice is designed to help workers who are being pushed beyond their physical limits. No longer are they just going to shut up and put up with it for fear of being fired. They will take their employer to court if they feel that their working conditions are not just unsafe but demoralizing and overly stressful. This kind of thing can also happen to businesses that are run from commercial offices. Workers that are forced to clock in early and leave late over and over, will become highly stressed and can seek legal action against you.

It helps no one to overwork your employees. You don’t get the best out of them, and you just end up hurting your relationship with some of your best people. You could end up being dragged to court over inhumane conditions which is a stain on your business itself.