World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


As an introvert, you may never have thought that running a business would be for you. You were happy living the quiet life and letting other people make the decisions. The idea of taking control of a whole workforce petrified you. Then, you had a business idea you couldn’t ignore. Now, despite the odds, you’re bossing it in the business department. And, you don’t even lose sleep about it anymore.

Despite appearances, we introverts are suited to management roles. We’re sensitive to our teams and quiet enough to take other people’s suggestions on board. As such, you may find that success simply comes your way when you open yourself to it.


Even if you’ve come all this way, though, interaction-filled days may leave you feeling vulnerable. After endless phone calls, you might want nothing more than to rip that phone line out of the wall. It’s a real struggle for introverted entrepreneurs. That’s why we have some simple pointers which can ensure your phone stops ringing every second of the day.

Give customers all the information they need

Customers queries are probably your most common calls. While many of these will come through email, some still love the instant connection of a call. The best way to tackle this is to provide as much information as you can without needing to talk. On your website, offer thorough product descriptions. Include both an ‘about me’ and an FAQ page. That way, customers can get their answers without calling. That will ensure you don’t have to do quite so much talking during your days.

Provide detailed delivery instructions


If you have a delivery fleet, you may also receive calls from your drivers. They may need instructions through the day. They may also have queries about specific delivery drops. The best thing you can do to stop this would be to provide detailed instructions. By detailing directions and special instructions, you can rest easy that your drivers have everything they need. Doing this also has the benefit of reducing their risks of accidents. Many negligent truck driver claims come about as a result of distracted driving as couriers navigate unfamiliar routes. With the proper paperwork on board, you remove the risk of that and your ringing phone.

Take care of work delegation first thing

Even if you put external interruptions to bed, employees may call through to you with various queries throughout the day. This is a difficult thing to avoid as a good manager will always make themselves available. As such, you can’t stop your team from contacting you through the day. But, you can reduce the chances that they’ll need to by taking care of delegation first thing. When you arrive in the office, you’ll be fresh and rejuvenated. As such, you should be able to stand tall in a morning meeting and let your team know exactly what they should do. That way, you won’t need to deal with interactions when your cup is running on empty in the afternoon.