World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Whether you realise it or not, we all work in sales. It doesn’t have to be direct selling with a customer, but meetings to pitch for funding, make new business contacts or even just share ideas, are all occasions where we’re hoping someone will buy into what we have to say. Many assume that successful selling is something that only extroverts will be good at, but in point of fact, that isn’t true. The fake camaraderie and back-slapping bonhomie of overly extroverted salespeople simply doesn’t reflect the reality of modern business. These days, people are extremely savvy to old-school selling techniques, and the most successful relationships are build on mutual trust and respect instead.


The Sales Techniques Of Introverts


There are actually many qualities a more self-contained personality can bring to the table when it comes to successfully selling an idea or product. The calm and composure someone with a self-controlled manner has is a powerful factor to inspire confidence, especially in fields that naturally need gravitas such a finance or law. Avoiding the impression of pushiness, desperation or excitability that too much external enthusiasm brings can be a huge plus in giving the right impression.


Building A Relationship


Success in business is all based around the meeting of needs for a client or customer, and in order for that to happen, those people need to be heard properly – again, something a more considered personality type can bring to the table. By picking up on these needs and carefully reflecting them back, introvert business leaders can build strong bonds. Plus, when you listen well, it’s often easier to pick up on things that are unsaid as well – the underlying motivators that may not be fully verbalised, but are crucial factors in serving their needs correctly. Selling anything is no longer about surface techniques such as listing features and benefits – people now expect a more genuine approach that sits more naturally with a quieter, more rational nature.


Adding More Value


Profit is the driver behind sales, so by improving your selling skills, you are aiming to maximise your profit. Having these skills should be an ongoing process for any business leader, and you should seek out good sales courses to improve and teach you new techniques. Adding profit is all about adding value for your customer and helping them to overcome any barriers. Use your listening skills to understand what the pain points of the other party are, and come up with clever strategies or solutions where your offer can help.


Delivering On Promises


If you are in it for the long term, one of the most important factors to increase your sales ability is simply to have the integrity to deliver on your promises. In the world of business, people talk, and with the reach of the Internet – networking sites like LinkedIn and social media – their voices are amplified. People pleasers who over-promise and under-deliver are in the danger zone. It’s important to manage expectations and cover off the small details, like calling when you say you will or following up with additional information. That builds belief to to work up to bigger deals and transactions – so your personal values can have a huge impact. And that’s not something you can fake.