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If you are hosting an important business event, it must be planned and implemented to perfection. When hosting a conference specifically, you have to recognise how imperative it is to reach the goals you have set. And when dealing with important clients, you have to impress with your choice of venue and how you have handled the occasion. If not, then it can be extremely damaging to your reputation. To ensure this doesn’t happen, read on to discover the top tips for conference event planning…



Consider outsourcing event management


First and foremost, outsourcing event management is becoming extremely popular. These companies have all the connections needed to ensure you benefit from the best venues and suppliers. They will manage all aspects of your conference for you; from the creative side to the technical side. This means that all you have to do is sit back and look forward to the occasion. Experienced management companies can put your mind at ease because you are assured of a successful event. When looking for an event management company, you should consider the following…




You should never go for a company who has just started up. When it comes to event management experience is everything. It is recommended to opt for a business with a minimum of ten years in their locker. Why? Because you can be assured that they have planned events just like yours time and time again. This is an industry whereby businesses need time to perfect their craft. They need to build up contacts with relevant suppliers, they need to source the best deals, they need to have made all of their mistakes in the past and thus have an effective method and plan in place for all types of events. Experience is the only way this can be guaranteed.




A product or service is only as good as clients say it is. Take a read of what previous customers have had to say about the business you are considering. They were once in your position; looking for the best company to provide them with event management. Therefore, they know exactly what you are looking for and they know the sort of information you wish to hear. Instead of reading a company’s sale pitch you will get an honest analysis. And you can rest assured; if people were left dissatisfied they will be more than happy to say so.


Event Services

What does the company actually provide? Any good business offering event management should offer the full package. This encompasses everything from finding the perfect venue to creating visual designs to following health and safety regulations to aid with fundraising ideas. All ends of the spectrum need to be considered if you are to benefit from a thorough and complete service.


Case Studies


The best event management companies have a section on their website dedicated to case studies. Take a look at this. It will give you a feel for what they are capable of and the level of service they provide. You will get to see real examples of who has employed them in the past, what event services were utilized and how they were implemented. This directly correlates with the type of service you are likely to receive and this is invaluable. Furthermore, you may actually gain a few ideas for your conference too.


Health and safety


When it comes to any sort of event, it does not matter whether it is a conference or a party, you need to consider health and safety. Managing event access is something requires careful consideration, especially if you are going to have a large number of people there. Make sure you do your research about all of the legislation in place and the required steps to manage your event in this regard.


Your presentation


In addition to this, a great presentation is also essential. For some reason, companies all over the company are still using basic presentations that look like they have had no thought put into them at all. In terms of appearance; they are basic, the text isn’t even aligned, and it looks like it took a mere five minutes to put together. In terms of context; an organised structure is often lacking and there is often far too much information to digest.



So, what makes a successful presentation? First, let’s deal with the basics; it needs to be legible (orange text on a pink background is a big no!). Less is more; a simple slide will pack a more powerful punch. Aside from this, it is always recommended to diversify the visuals you use. Incorporate graphics, tables, photos, and graphs. People digest information in different ways. This will help to keep everything fresh and engaging. And finally, don’t get too excited about the various effects for changing the slides – a simple transition will do. Nobody wants to have to wait five minutes for every line to appear on the screen because it is flying in from all directions.


The venue


The venue is another important component for successful conference event design. Your venue needs to match the audience you are building the event for. It needs to represent your business successfully too. A lot of people do not put much thought into the venue they choose, and they end up regretting it when they see that they have missed out on a massive branding opportunity. Of course, convenience for attendees plays a role here too.


The little details


And finally, think about the final little details; what is going to make your guests happy and your meeting more productive. This encompasses everything from providing refreshments and snacks to arranging table setting effectively; so that everybody is included and the ability to confer is made easy.


If you take note of the points mentioned in this article then you should have no trouble planning the perfect conference for you.