World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Being an introvert in the business world can often make it feel like the odds are stacked against you. You’re someone who likes to work on their own, take on all kinds of tasks that mean you can put your skill and business acumen to good use, and you’ve got few, but very close, business contacts to rely on. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with these traits and considerations, your comfort zone can be breached a lot more than anyone else’s in the same sector.


And mostly, your comfort zone doesn’t accommodate your need to market your business. So if you’re someone who identifies as introverted, or you’ve never been able to escape the feeling of freezing up when you’re in front of a big crowd with a slideshow clicker in your hand, this is your chance to let any presentation you put together speak for you. Don’t worry, the more you let your efforts shine through, the more confident you’ll become with your words!



Have a Persona


Marketing personas are fairly common ideas in the corporate world, and if you don’t have one, now’s your chance to put one together. You need to take your average customer and all their wants and concerns, and then characterise these ideas into a single person to sell to. And when you’ve got a persona to run your product and brand ideas by, you’re going to have an extra special package for any real testers to look into.


Once you’ve created the first common persona, see if you can create at least two more. They’re incredibly effective as a team, and that means you’ve got a complete age and gender rage to work off of. All kinds of people want to buy your product, so make sure you’re representing them in your personas – diversity sells all on its own, after all.


Play From Another Angle


You’re the business, with a product to sell, and customers to impress enough to make sure they lay their money down. And at the end of the day, that’s all there is to marketing: you’ve got to be relatable and essential to someone’s life, and useful enough for them to think ‘Wow! I need one of those products in my life!’


But customer habits are changing, and nowadays people are more often than not choosing their own solutions, with a general distrust towards marketing from corporate structures. You’re just another cog in the machine… unless there’s a totally unique selling point for them to look into. So you need to take your relatable factor to the next level, and market from their point of view.


This is where a focus group would come in handy, and there’s no need for you to directly interact with anyone involved in one. Ask them what they want, get them to relate their stories over times when your product would have come in handy, and then use this information in your adverts. Simply, make it personal.


Use a Video That’s Naturally Charismatic


If you’ve got a huge presentation coming up, whether you’re giving a talk at a business conference or to a room of university lecturers and students, or you’ve got some investors or the big boss themself to impress, let a video do the talking for you. You’ve still put all your own words and methods into it, and because of that, it’s simply an extension of yourself.


When you’ve got a good corporate video on your side, you’re going to be able to step back and collect yourself, and get the video to say the hardest things you would struggle to get out. And when it’s finished playing, you can come back with a smile on your face, ready to answer any questions you specifically set aside to let people inquire about.


Ready to Target the Market?

When you’ve got a marketing campaign that takes the words and meaning right out of your mouth and onto the screen, you’ve got a winning combination for success. And a campaign like this is something an introverted leader can put together much easier than a more extroverted person.


Now’s your chance to impress the entire world with the ads and messages you put out, considering the amount of time, effort, and testing you’ve put into each one. When you’ve made sure they work on every level, you’ve got something to be proud of.