World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Introverts are as afraid of confrontation as most people are of spiders. The mere thought of falling under someone’s wrath is probably enough to keep you awake at night. And, as an introverted business owner, you sweat at the mere thought of customer confrontation.


In this way, you’re more like other managers than you realize. For different reasons, all business owners attempt to avoid unhappy customers. For you, though, this is a matter of real worry. Even just the idea of someone shouting at you leaves you hot under the collar. In fact, it’s not unusual for fears here to get so out of hand that you give up your business dreams altogether.

But, we don’t want that to happen. Which is why we’re here to teach you how to avoid confrontation wherever possible. Admittedly, you will always get some people looking to pick holes in what you do. But, by making sure you do the following, you can at least rest easy that their fault isn’t with you.

Be professional

This point may seem simple, but it’s more useful than you might think. In life, we all fall into roles. At work, we’re professional. As customers, we respond in kind. As such, reverting to professional language and attitude could see real benefits. The moment you drop that role, your customers may feel free to let their anger loose. Instead, work on keeping your tone level and your smile shining. You may find this diffuses many a potential confrontation.



Work with customer interests in mind

Too often, business owners focus on profits above customer needs. But, that won’t serve in any way, especially when it comes to avoiding confrontations. If you charge well over the odds on your products, for instance, unhappy customers will soon come knocking on your (business) door. Equally, you should keep customers in mind when it comes to things like protecting private information. Given that getting this wrong can lead to legal confrontations, it’s especially essential you focus here. Retailers should avoid storing any information regarding customer cards and the like. Equally, healthcare providers should turn to companies like Healthcare Security to make sure client info is kept in compliance with HIPAA. No matter your field, you can bet you’ll have an unhappy visit if you slip up with customer confidentiality in any way.You may even feel the hard stare of a courtroom judge if you aren’t careful. Could anything be worse?

Remember that the customer is always right

Despite what many of us believe, customers are a pretty reasonable bunch. While there are always exceptions, most complainants merely want a satisfactory conclusion. As such, operating with the belief that customers are always right could steer you clear of confrontation. The moment you question a complaint, the customer is liable to get defensive. Instead, then, hold your hands up. Accept if someone isn’t happy. Focus instead on reaching a satisfactory conclusion for you both. Just like that, you turn a potential complaint into another satisfied customer.