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Emails are an integral part of any business person’s daily business, but for some reason or another, email management seems to be commonly overlooked. This can change. Here are just a couple of areas of emails that you should focus on to benefit your business!


Keeping Your Inbox Clear


First things first, let’s focus on your own email. Nowadays, the majority of us are used to having tens of thousands of unopened emails in our inboxes. This might be fine for your personal email account where you’re not expecting anything particularly important to come through. But when it comes to your professional email, you need to keep your inbox clear, so that you can easily notice important messages as and when they are received. Now, there are a couple of different ways to achieve this. First of all, don’t ever voluntarily give your email address out other than to potential partners or big clients. This will reduce the amount of marketing emails that you receive. Next, make use of Multi-Method Email Hygiene. This will clear all of the spam on your behalf!


Mailing Lists


Every small business should have a mailing list. The benefit of having someone on your mailing list is gaining their personal contact information and agreement for you to communicate with them. Once you have a customer or potential customer’s email address and permission to contact them, you can keep them updated with offers, events, and more. This will keep your brand in contact with them at all times and can encourage them to return to your page to make further purchases in the future. You may want to offer some sort of incentive for people signing up, as they’re unlikely to hand over their email address for no reason. This incentive could be 10% off their first purchase or free delivery on their first purchase. This encourages people to spend as well as stay in touch! However, completely operating this yourself becomes extremely time consuming and difficult. Instead, you should allow part of the work to fall into the hands of companies such as Mailchimp. This company will automatically collect all of the data submitted by people on your website in the newsletter sign up form. They also send out your custom designed newsletters and emails on an automated basis after you input the desired time and date for each notification to be sent out. You can then use their design software to create custom emails which will be automatically sent out to your mailing list at specifically selected moments. The design form allows you to make your newsletters and emails fit in with your brand design and aesthetic. You can ensure that everything is in your branded colour scheme, your logo is located in each email, and your brand name and contact details all appear in the header or small print.


These are just two different ways that you should manage your emails as a business professional. Incorporate them into your business protocol today!