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When you are a small business owner, it can be relatively difficult to start taking on staff. After all, your company has thrived solely in your own hands from the start of your venture. You’ve built it from the ground up with minimal outside influence. However, leaving a business unstaffed for too long can prove extremely problematic. As you grow and expand, you’ll come to realise that you can’t do absolutely everything alone. Not only will you overwork yourself, but your business will experience detrimental consequences (generally in the form of stunted growth) too. However, when you do find the right employees to keep your business up and running, you want them to stay with you. Why? Well, not only will recruiting and training replacement staff be expensive and time consuming, but you don’t want your past employees taking your trade secrets and the skills that you have endowed them with elsewhere. So, here are a few different things that you can do to boost employee retention!


Reward Hard Work and Achievements


The first step towards keeping employees with you is to make them feel appreciated. Your staff have set roles and expectations that they are paid for. The majority will merely stick to these and go home at the end of the day, safe in the knowledge that they are doing what is expected of them without exerting any extra energy. However, the best staff will generally work that little bit harder and achieve that little bit more. You need to reward these individuals. If you notice that someone is always willing to put that little extra effort in, consider rewarding them. This can be in the form of plaque awards, an extra day or two paid holiday, or a monetary bonus. When staff feel appreciated and valued, they are less likely to jump ship and are more likely to continue striving for greatness in their current role.


Request Feedback


As an employer, you should recognise that there’s always room for improvement in your business. This is why you should gather feedback on what could be changed to improve your employees’ workplace experience. Understanding how your staff are feeling, what they like about their role and what they think could improve can help you to implement changes to their role or workplace that will see them be happier at work and doing a better job every day. Make all surveys anonymous, as this will encourage staff to voice their true opinions. You never know what small changes could make massive differences. Perhaps an extra fifteen-minute break in the afternoon could help to boost everyone’s energy levels, or a coffee machine or a cold water dispenser in the office could perk everyone up. Whatever the feedback, take heed of it, as it could ensure that your employees remain with you rather than leaving.


These are just a couple of different ways to take control of employee retention within your small business. Following the above steps could foster a truly positive and productive workforce and working environment!