World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼


Building a business is tough and though many entrepreneurs prefer to hire people who have plenty of experience and already know their job inside out, this is not necessarily the best way to give your business a boost. Instead, you should be looking to create a diverse staff of people who may not be as experienced but are prepared to learn on the job.


The more you can train and build up your staff, the more your business will develop. Whether you are working with people who have been doing the same job for years or you have a fresh batch of kids straight from college, the principles are the same.


Here are a few ideas you might like to try to boost your business, skill up your staff and ensure that the social dynamics are healthy and fun for everyone.  

Create Your Own Training Videos

If you are running a large business and you regularly take on new staff, it might be a good idea to create your own training videos. These are a useful way to give your staff an opportunity to learn new business systems but may also be used as refreshers. Having a library of quick videos covering a range of subjects is ideal for getting new staff up to speed and can search for what they are looking for quite easily.


While there are lots of training videos online that can be useful, if you have particular systems or methods you want your staff to use, then creating your own videos is a good idea. This is particularly true in customer-facing roles where staff will need to learn how to interact with customers and what the company policies are.


Lifetime Media is a great place to start if you are interested in creating your own videos.

Do Team Building Exercises

Even when you are mostly working alone on your own project, bonding with the team in the office is incredibly important. You need your staff to be able to enjoy themselves socially as well as professionally to be successful and as the boss, this it is your job to foster a suitable environment.


While team building exercises can be very cringey and may put off some more introverted members of staff, they are also the best way to bring people together – even if it is just to complain about how silly the activities are! But you don’t have to do lots of high-energy activities, in fact, it is a good idea to start and end the day with more reflective activities that don’t require a lot of talking.


Escape rooms are good for team building – especially if you have a wide range of personality types as they often force teamwork with the different problems and puzzles they present. However, you may need to ask the more vocal members of your team to tone it down a notch and give quieter members a chance to shine.

Set Up a Fund For Further Education

If you are serious about staff development and you have the funds, then you should definitely think about setting up a fund for further education. This might be a case of a few day or week-long courses for your staff to attend, but it could be more serious and help your staff to get part-time degrees or other qualifications.


Though education programs are expensive, they are also an ideal way to give your staff a boost and ensure that they are continuing to learn on the job. There is a risk that your staff may move on as a consequence of their new qualifications, sure, but you will also be much more appealing as an employer so you are more likely to get applicants who are smarter and more willing to learn on the job.

Teach Each Other New Skills

Not all businesses can afford to send their staff on outside courses but this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from each other. Even in small companies, there are plenty of skills that you can teach each other such as computer skills, writing skills or even people skills. Though department heads might seem like the natural choice for this kind of training session, do ask younger members of the team to host sessions too.


The new skills that you can teach each other don’t even have to be work related, just giving staff members a chance to show off a skill to the others is a great way to boost their confidence and will create a culture of learning. Whether it’s origami or a talk on the intricacies of a particular TV show, giving a regular platform is great for everyone.

Have Lunch Together

You might be surprised, but eating lunch together is one of the most important indicators of how well your staff are working together and how cohesive they are. When you all get lunch and chat together, you will automatically get to know one another a lot better. Though you can’t like everyone all the time and some playground politics will emerge from time to time, knowing each other socially will certainly improve how you work and may even have an effect on your bottom line.


Though many staff members may like to spend lunch ‘al desko’, surfing the internet or watching videos, even these people may be persuaded to lunch together if you have a weekly or monthly lunch together. This might be something as simple as a bulk order of takeaway pizzas or a little more spectacular with a meal out at a restaurant, but the main purpose is to get everyone talking together.


The more you can do to bring our team together and keep boosting their skills, the more your business will benefit. While some staff and positions may be transient, having a turnover based on people building their CVs is a brilliant way to show that your business values people and is willing to push individuals up the career ladder as well as work hard to keep up with the competition.