World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

Ever find that you feel frustrated in your current job and employment. Perhaps the career you find yourself in is something that you don’t necessarily feel passionate about. Maybe the time has come for you to take that leap of faith and make some big changes with your working life but youa have no idea where to start to what to do. These are often dilemmas that many people face each day about what the best route is to take when it comes to their career. The problem many people have is the security element. That wage you are used to getting. Would you have to take a pay reduction and start at the bottom again? Will you earn enough? Often these answers are enough to sway your decision either way. But if you do feel like you have the motivation and sense of worth to want to change your career or more specifically go it alone freelance and/or starting your own business, then do you really have what it takes to make it a success? I wanted to explore some of the things to consider and how you could make it happen.


What’s the idea?


One of the first things to consider would be the idea that youa have the business. What is your idea and do you need to take things into consideration when it comes to stretching your idea further. Many people get ideas for freelance opportunities or business options when they least expect to. Perhaps you spot a gap in the market or you just think you can strike a better balance doing what you do right now, for yourself. Having the idea and nurturing it is the best way to feel confident taking the next steps.


Have a business plan


The next thing to think about once you are set with your idea dn are sure to take that plunge is to come up with a business plan. There are many ways you can do this, but it can prove to be an essential element to the beginning of your journey and process. If you are unsure where to start on this, then you can look online at some of the templates available or hire someone to help you write it up. It can help with other elements, especially my next point about funding.


Do you need funding?  


One of the biggest obstacles new businesses can face is the sudden desperation of needing funding to bring your idea to life. Not every entrepreneur has the backing of their own personal savings to launch the next big thing. This is when you might be wondering where to get a small business loan? You might find that you are looking at other options as well while exploring the world of investment, and this could come in the way of an investor helping you to make this happen. Whichever route you go down, make sure you are happy with the terms and everything is affordable for you to run your business effectively.


How do you plan to make it happen?


Now you have the basics figured out, how do you plan to make it happen? There are many things you need to tick off your list in order to do that. You need a decent website that will entice people to stick around and read the content and look at the products and services you offer. You need to think about your branding and the message as well as ensuring that you are active and utilising social media to your advantage.


Should you outsource?


You may wonder if it is worth it to you to outsource certain aspects of the business. But in truth this could really work in your favour. You are only one person, and trying to do everything effectively can mean you lose out on other aspects if the business. Outsourcing things like accounts and web development, for example, can free up time for you to ensure that you make the most of your business.


Having the belief in yourself


Finally, the last thing you might need to think about is whether you have the belief in yourself tomake this business and brand a success. Often this can be the biggest downfall when it comes to running your business successfully. Having the belief it will be a success is the best thing you can do to ensure you work towards your end goals.


I hope that this gives you the courage when it comes to taking the step to go it alone.