World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

It’s a very rare occasion to see the words ‘introvert’ and ‘successful leader’ in the same sentence, especially because the common opinion is that it’s extroverts that should be in the driving seat of a company. An extrovert often has the charisma and the personality to be loud, proud and in the faces of their staff to steer them in the right direction with their goals. However, this is just a misconception. Introverts are perfectly capable of leading a workforce, after all, if Bill Gates manages to do it, so can anyone. Introversion is not a barrier to great leadership, because introverts are able to easily adapt themselves into any situation by appraising it from a distance.

You don’t need to wear the badge of social butterfly to bring your business to success, so if being a leader is exactly what you want, you can take it with both hands. You can be a happy leader who understands the way that people work, analysing their working techniques and how they think. You can be a stern leader, one who appraises the needs of the office and implements the right remote working policy and company cell phone policy. You can be an open and honest leader of your staff, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a singing and dancing one who can put on a performance in the meeting on a Friday. To know more about what it is to be a leader of a company as well as an introvert, check out these truths below.



Introverts Are Sensible. Extroverted leaders are often more impulsive and will take good risks, whereas their introverted counterparts are used to being more analytical of their situation in front of them. There is nothing boring about being sensible, especially as you don’t have to take risks without careful thought. Risk-taking may well be a rite of passage for a business leader, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go that route. If careful analysis works for you, make it work. You are predisposed to be a good decision maker, which massively goes in your favour as a leader.

Introverts Can Listen. Extroverted leaders have a habit of talking in big groups but not quite taking in what’s being said. Introverts prefer – as you know – to step back, take everything in and formulate their opinion first, before they open their mouths. Introverts listen, and they listen well, and it’s this ability that is going to propel them far in business. They listen between the lines and can make calm and good decisions based on their assessments.

Introverts Have Presence. While an introverted leader is quiet, collected and calm, there’s a certain awesomeness to when they do decide to step forward and say something. When you don’t speak out for a while and you suddenly speak up and make total sense to a team in your building, you’re going to be able to leverage the presence that you have for other people. Don’t be afraid to stand up and show your true colours, allowing others to perceive you in a positive light.

Introverts Can Work Autonomously. As a leader, you would expect that you’d need to constantly work with people in the office. Well, thanks to delegation, you don’t have to. The people who work for you are pushing your company to success, and they do a really good job at it. This leaves you free to work on the rest of the business alone, doing it well and focusing hard on what you can be doing to make your employees lives more comfortable.

Introverts Are Calming. The way that introverts manage people gives others the feeling of pure calm. You are able to find solutions and persist in a way that others can’t, with extroverts giving up way before you do! let people work around you and enjoy the presence of calm that you have to give. You are able to smooth out uncertainty in the ranks, showing them how to stay cool under pressure – because you know exactly how to do that already.

Being an introvert and a leader is not a bad combination, it’s simply different to what most people are used to dealing with. You are not obliged to be a bucket of noise just to do well with your job; all you need is to know that you can do things well and inspire others to work hard, too. Don’t be afraid to let your quiet light shine.