World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

There are many do’s and don’ts in the workplace, but when you’re an introvert and you are running a business, there are more than you think. Surviving a corporate minefield can be overwhelming and slightly torturous when you’re introverted, but there are ways to do it without too much panic. If you look at the world of business, the introvert is often laughed out of the office. This is a big mistake, and it’s made by people who don’t realise that introverts may well be shy and socially awkward, but they’re also intelligent and analytical and they show how much they know every single day just by working hard.

The corporate world may look like the football field; it’s loud, it’s a rush and people are constantly pushing each other out of the way to get to the front of the line, but it’s important to know that it isn’t one. Running a business as an introvert can be complicated, especially as you may want to rent an office space that is virtual with Hoxton Mix and avoid dealing with people directly all the time. However, if you want to be a force of nature in the corporate world, you need to stand up and face the fact that there will be other people there. You can still rock your business, your job and your goals, it’s just a case of you taking charge of your corporate life.



Stop Pretending. There is nothing worse in the business world than being fake. Of course, you adapt your personality to suit certain situations and allow you to gel with others when you have to, but you shouldn’t put on a fake persona of confidence and glee when you’re worrying on the inside. It can end up causing major anxiety and an inability to function in your job. You can’t showcase your strengths if you are faking it, so make a vow right now to stop pretending. Use your strengths as an introvert to drive forward.

Slough Off Intimidation. It can be intimidating to be in an environment when people are shouting over you and being louder than you can. This is the nature of business; to push to the front to show off skills. As an introvert, you need to let the intimidation roll over your back and stand up as best you can. Not only will this lessen your stress in the workplace, you can gain the appreciation of others who can see what you’re made of.

Play To Your Strengths. As an introvert, you’re going to have strengths that others don’t. You already know that you’re a good listener, that you’re an idea generator. These play a massive role in the corporate business world, and as long as you are playing to these strengths, you’ll get noticed in a good way.

You are invaluable to your business and to the people that you work with; don’t forget that and take on the challenge of being introverted at work.