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Have you been making steady gains in your professional life over the past couple of years, but feel as though you’ve hit a bit of a wall and aren’t really sure how to proceed from here?


Well, if you’re not already waking up early — early in this case meaning an hour or two before you have to start getting ready for work — then you’re missing out on a great success secret.


It turns out that many of the richest and most successful people in the world (not to mention the most productive) are early risers, and that the saying “the early bird gets the worm” has more than a little truth to it.


Here are some of the ways that rising early can transform your professional life.


By granting you the time and space to take stock and plan


The life of an entrepreneur is typically very busy to say the least, if not outright chaotic and unmanageable. Many entrepreneurs find themselves constantly on the go, trying to juggle a thousand different tasks at once, while simultaneously doing what they can to be present for their families and loved ones


In this kind of constant high-pressure always-on atmosphere, it can be extremely difficult to find the time and space required just to take stock of things, and plan for the future.


But no business is built entirely on perpetual work; goal-setting, analysis, reflection, and review are all fundamental aspects of turning a business into a success story.


Waking up early can give you a good solid chunk of time right at the beginning of the day, when no one is likely to be emailing you or putting immediate demands on your time, in which you can do this kind of important reflection.


By helping you to outpace the competition


Even if you work long hours, but have been putting in a good number of those hours in the evenings or at night, you will likely find that your productivity can be dramatically increased just by starting work earlier in the day.


Different times of day don’t seem equally weighted in terms of productivity. At night, we are slower and more sluggish. Our bodies are doing their best to wind down and prepare us for bed. We have the concerns of the day weighing down on us.


In the mornings, by contrast, we know that the day hasn’t yet begun. Our energy levels should, theoretically, be significantly higher, and our work should be faster and of higher quality.


Waking up early may help to make you a more efficient worker, and aid you in outpacing the competition.


By helping you rediscover work-life balance


Waking up early can actually benefit your work-life balance significantly, which in turn can make you more energised and positive in your professional life. This could happen in several ways.


The hours before work could be used to do things just for you. You could read a good book, or surf Gwin’s Travel for inspiration for your next vacation.


The hours before work could also be used to knock off some of your daily work to-dos, in order to free up time in the afternoon for your hobbies, or to spend with your family.