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A co-working space is a place where you have more than one team working in a completely open and mutual space. It is often used for smaller businesses who don’t have room for separate offices, however, they are becoming more and more popular in larger companies too. If you are looking into rearranging your office this year, here are some reasons to consider a co-working space as part of your plan.


More Effective

Working in a space such as Grosvenor St Pauls can give you the opportunity to interact with other people in the business and this will often help you to work more effectively. By being able to feed off each other’s energy and immediately communicate with people in the office you will definitely be able to work more efficiently.

Avoiding Loneliness

A lot of the time working in an office can feel a little bit lonely and boring. You may end up feeling alone throughout the day if you work in a cubicle or an office of your own, and this can have an effect on your mental health and stress levels. Being in an open space allows you to speak to other people and everyone will feel like a team. You will always have someone there to help you with your problems and even just sitting in a room with other people can make you feel happier in the workplace.




One of the great things about working in an open space is that you will get the chance to talk to people who you have never talked to before. Working alone puts a barrier up between you and everyone else in the office, and therefore you can really make a difference by being able to talk to new people. You might even find some new work besties to get you through the week which is a huge bonus!



A co-working space makes things a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about renting the space for a specific number of years. This will mean that you don’t have to think about staying in one place for too long so it gives you much more flexibility. You can go for a short-term lease which will allow you to stay as long as you need to stay but will also allow you to move on if you find a space which better suits your needs.

Emotional Support

Working in a small space on your own is hard. Many people can end up feeling overwhelmed after a while and this will stop you from being able to thrive in the business. In order to start feeling more confident and happy, you will need some sort of emotional support from others, and a co-working space gives you the perfect opportunity to do this. Having an open space will put everyone on a level playing field and you will be able to gain a wonderful sense of support from everyone.