World Introvert Day Jan 2nd 2024 👆🏼

When you picture a CEO, what do you see? A confident man or woman, probably middle aged, striding down a tastefully appointed corridor wearing an expensive designer suit? Do you imagine them flanked with employees chattering and clamoring for their attention, thrusting pens into their hands and begging for signatures. Do you see them dismissing them with a smile and a small gesture of the hand before getting in the back of a chauffeur driven Bentley? This is a fairly common mental image, but the truth is that CEOs are just like you. They’re people who had a good idea and were able to raise the funds and manage their operations to build that idea into a working (and eventually thriving) enterprise. You may look at high powered titans of industry like Richard Branson, Mary T Barra or Indra Nooyi and think that you will never achieve that level of confidence, self assurance and success. But you may not realize that you’re much closer to success than you think. You’ve already done the hard part… Having a great idea.



Having faith in yourself and your business can be difficult to sustain especially in an era where competition seems to proliferate and customers seem more fickle than ever. But belief in yourself and your business is essential in entrepreneurship, and it’s easier to come by when you follow these tips to get CEOnfident…


Surround yourself by people who bring out the best in you


As imaginative, creative, intelligent and visionary as you are, you know that you can’t face the rigors of 21st century business on your own. You need to build a team of people who will bring out the best in you by creating the right workplace culture. A culture that invites collaboration and in which no idea, however “blue sky” in nature is dismissed or derided. A culture in which people are respected, rewarded and appreciated. While you lead by example in creating this, your team will go a long way in perpetuating it, so it’s essential to surround yourself with the right people.


Lean on those who will fill in your blind spots


There are things which you’re really, really good at. And then there are some things you’re not. Many entrepreneurs stumble and find their sense of self worth in tatters when they try to be all things to all people. Outsourcing to people whose expertise can help your business is one of the surest ways to success and self affirmation. Let the experts handle the marketing, Web Design and SEO and focus on what you’re great at. You’ll not only leave work every day feeling better about yourself and your skills, you’ll be a whole lot more productive, too.


Package yourself for success


There’s a reason why Batman doesn’t fight crime in a pink tutu. We are at our most confident when we are well dressed and groomed we find the power from within when we feel powerful on the outside. As tempting as it may be some time to turn up for work in a t shirt and sweatpants you won’t feel formidable or confident. That’s why it’s essential to package yourself for success.


When you’re CEOnfident, success will surely follow.